Ravens start off-season with Dean Pees as new linebacker coach

When you think of the New England Patriots, most people automatically think of Tom Brady, and then Bill Belichick. For more avid fans there is Kevin Faulk.

 But what about their defense? When Brady failed to move the ball forward, their defense held tight to get them to the postseason.

The Patriots defense coordinator, Dean Pees, expired his contract this season and chose to not renew it with the Pats.

As of now, there are rumors on Pro Football Talk and other various sports medium sites that Pees will head south to become the new linebacker coach in Baltimore for what many consider an impeccable defense.

Pees was the head coach of Kent College from 1998-2003, where he then moved up to be the LB coach at NE in 2004 and 2005; he has been their defensive coordinator until the end of this season. Under his coaching, the Patriots this 2009 season were ranked 11th in the NFL after only allowing 320.2 yards per game.

 Some of the names recognizable under Pees at the Patriots are Tedy Bruschi, Ted Johnson and Willie McGinest. Pees also ironically was Baltimore’s John Harbaugh’s coach when Harbaugh was a Hurricane, where he played defensive back at Miami U.

What does this mean for current LB coach, Vic Fangio?

Ravens have yet to report on this and say it is definitely true and give the final word. But nonetheless, it is good to know Harbaugh and company aren’t taking a long rest for next season and are already preparing to move those chains and get Baltimore moving toward a winning season for 2010.

 What else do they have in store for Baltimore this offseason? Stay tuned.

My opinion on all this?

 What Baltimore fan doesn’t already think and know that Ray Lewis is the true heart and soul behind that defense, especially the linebackers.

 It is only a matter of time before good ol’ Ray Ray will retire as a player (unless he favre’s his retirement a few times and keeps coming back) and becomes a coach. The Ravens wouldn’t be the RAYvens without him…then again we thought the same of Stover and look where he is now…

But while some speculate that Pees might not be the best DC, he certainly was a strong LB coach at NE, and who knows, while acting as LB coach in Baltimore side by side with Ray Lewis, he could be the next big coach, like Marvin Lewis (Bengels), Rex Ryan (Jets), Jack Del Rio (49ers) and Mike Singletary (Jaguars), who all were defense coaches at Baltimore before becoming head coaches at other franchises.

Then again, he is also 60-years-old so who knows what the future may hold for Pees.

Now, we wait to hear the final word on this possible hiring and what is to become of Fangio. Keep the off-season alive, Bmore.


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