Maryland men’s basketball beat 2009 national champions Sunday night

The University of Maryland Terrapins did not let the ‘white haze’  of snow blur their vision as they outscored last seasons national champions, the University of North Carolina TarHeels, on Sunday night 92-71.

This was the worst loss in Carolina history under their head coach, Roy Williams. The reigning champions are long off their normal path that leads them to the final four–and Maryland is picking up their slack.

The Terps (16-6, 6-2) have beaten the Tarheels (13-10, 2-6) four out of the last five matches; last season was a nailbiter as the Terps pulled ahead of the Heels to win 88-85 in overtime.

Maryland head coach, Gary Williams, said he was nervous in the second half when the Heels cut what was once a 16-point lead to a 4-point lead with about 13 minutes to go.

“That second half, that five-, six-minute period where they were making their run, they were a very good basketball team,” Williams said of the Tar Heels. “If you give them that run, if you let them continue that, you know, obviously they can win the game.”

Williams had no reason to worry as his boys worked to get the lead back and that they did as they clobbered the Heels and sent them back to NC with another loss to add to their already high loss record.

Vasquez scored 26 points against UNC Sunday night (photo by Toni Sandys, Washington Post)

In other news, Maryland senior guard Greivis Vasquez was named the ACC Player of the Week for Feb. 8. It is the second time this season and the sixth time in his career he has been named Player of the Week.  He was confident in winning Sunday.

“Everybody was expecting us to win. That’s the way it should be,” Vasquez said after the game.

Maryland being led by players like Vasquez will continue to be a consistent team that will be ranked as a favorite. Their moves now will only effect their journey to March Madness.



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4 Responses to “Maryland men’s basketball beat 2009 national champions Sunday night”

  1. Tates Says:

    Hey Carolina is rebuilding. They lose alot last year in not only Tyler but in the engine, their point guard. The point makes or breaks a team in college ball. Remember the NBA team the Carolina had with Jordan, Perkins, (point guard)Kenney Anderson and company. Anderson broke his hand and Carolina did not make it past the Sweet 16. But the Treps, after the dreadful December, they have turned it around even if the ACC is overall weak.

    • Genna Jean Wittstadt Says:

      Oh I agree; and even though I am more a tarheel fan than a Terps (though I am a MD fan, too) I have to be unbiased when I update this on the facts based around Baltimore/MD sports since that is my audience. But give UNC another season or 2 and they will start making the top 25 again. Look at Duke;how terrible did they play last season, but once again are what, 9th in the country right now?

  2. Gerard Wittstadt Says:

    Very good. I enjoyed reading the web site.

    • Genna Jean Wittstadt Says:

      Thanks, Uncle Jerry! Keep on reading, I am going to be updating at least 3-4 times a week on different sports based on teams or interests around Baltimore/MD area. Helps keep my writing strong especially in an area that I am passionate about 🙂

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