Get to know your Tigers: Towson football player profile

Matthew Morgan is a sophomore at Towson University, where he plays football for the team. Originally from Horseheads, New York, Morgan talks about his experience in Tiger Town.

Q:What made you decide to play football at Towson?

A: I liked the direction that the program was heading in, the administration really seems to be behind the football program.I also really liked the school in the academic sense, as well as the environment. It’s a lot of fun here and it really fit every aspect of what I wanted in a school.

Q.What other schools did you consider playing ball at?

A.University of Maine, Fordham University, University at Albany.

Q:What position do you play as a Tiger, and was that the same you played in high school?

A. I came to Towson as a Tight end and moved over to defensive end during my freshman year. D end is a much better fit for me, I have much more potential there. I  played linebacker from 3rd grade up until the end of high school, and I played multiple positions on offense.

Q:What is your best memory with the team?

A: The whole transformation of our team and program under the leadership of our new coaching staff. Its been amazing. Hopefully the next great memory will be a national championship.

Q:Are there any specific pregame rituals you or your team do before a game to pump you up?

A: My only personal ritual is putting on my eyeblack in a certain way… The team ritual is usually a speech from Coach Ambrose and then a speech from a captain or senior; then we go out to the field to warm up.

Q:How do you feel about team unity on your team?

A. Its great, we’ve really come together as a team.

Q:How do you feel about school unity behind the team?

A: We need to work on student attendance, but as for the die hard fans out there every game, or even those who come occasionally, the team really appreciates them.

Q:What would you say do to get more people to attend the games at Towson?

A: Well, this year the goal is to obviously win more games, hopefully that will do the trick.

Q: Do you think you play better when more students and alumni are in attendance to the games?

A: Yes, it really pumps up the whole team to have that kind of support.

Q:When you graduate, would you come back to support the team as an alumnus?

A: Absolutely!!


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