Maryland magic continues after a win against Clemson Wednesday night

After that big Cliff Tucker buzzer beating shot on Saturday night, did Maryland still have that magic to carry them to another win against Clemson tonight?

In what was a back and forth battle, the Terps proved that they have what it takes to overcome their opponents, even when it is an uphill fight, as they defeated the Clemson Tigers 88-79 after a 15-point deficit.

Sean Mosley scored 20 points in the 88-79 victory against Clemson

The first half of the game was nothing to remember: the Terps played sluggishly and you could tell that Greives Vasquez was tired.

With some of their key players in foul trouble early on in the game; like freshman standout forward Jordan Williams, and their other two top rebounders, who had already acquired two fouls before the end of the first half, this game didn’t look pretty.

At halftime, the Terps were lucky to only be trailing by nine points as they went into their locker room with the score 48-39.

Would the Terps find that ‘magic’ and turn this game around and beat the team that overcame them in late January?

You can bet on it.

The Terps shifted into third gear and the game quickly turned

into a back and forth battle between the two teams determined to get that fourth win in a row.

Comcast Center became alive as fans took to their feet after Tucker scored a big three-pointer to cut the Tigers lead to three points which led the Terps to go on a huge point run with no response from their opponents.

After Eric Hayes hit a crucial three to put the Terps up by eight, a huge Clemson turnover led to a Vasquez dunk on the other end–and the magic was back.

Vasquez now sits in fourth place on the Terps’ all-time scoring list, and Maryland was leading 77-67 with about six minutes remaining in the game.

A few fundamental issues such as missed foul shots could have made this an easier win, but the Terps came back to this game in the second half with intent and determination.

Williams, Mosley, Hayes, Vasquez and the rest of the Terps had both of that—and they wanted this game.

They might not have worked as hard to get the W in the first half, but after a very impressive turn around in the second–with great defense and anticipating the Tigers moves–the Terps proved they deserve to be nationally ranked.

The Terps record now stands at 20-7 10-3; they are also 14-1 at home at Comcast Center and 7-0 in the ACC.

Will this win change the ranks come tomorrow?

Only time will tell. Let the magic live on.

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4 Responses to “Maryland magic continues after a win against Clemson Wednesday night”

  1. Zach Says:

    When I turned the game on last night with 13:00 minutes left in the first half, I was thinking “Clemson,again?” They beat us earlier in the year marking one of the Terps three ACC losses. But you could tell the attitude shifted at halftime. Gary must of said something really inspiring in the locker room to get these guys pumped because Vazquez, Williams and the other guys had a great half. I’m glad they pulled it out and I hope they can finish off strong with their last three regular season games. How sweet would it be if we could top Duke next and head into the ACC tourney with the two seed. Let’s go Terps!

    • Genna Jean Wittstadt Says:

      Oh I know…I couldn’t believe how sloppy that first half was. They weren’t playing like the Terps have been recently. But second half they came out and wanted this game. Such great energy it was great to watch too.

  2. blint80 Says:

    Hey, Great Site! I’m a little nervous about how the Terps are playing right now, surprising as that sounds. It is great that they are playing this well, but I hope they maintain consistency and make a run come March. Bring on Duke!!

    • Genna Jean Wittstadt Says:

      No, I agree with you…I am surprised they have been this good, but I am very okay with it haha. I guess we will find out if this is all ‘magic’ making or they are ready to go deep in March after Wednesdays match up against Duke.

      Thanks for the comment! Look forward to chatting more with you!

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