Canada steals the gold from USA in overtime in the winter Olympic hockey game

Team USA men’s hockey fought one of the best players in the league and took him and his team, Team Canada to overtime; but were defeated and took home the silver medal.

Sidney Crosby, who plays for the Pittsburgh Penguins, returned to his home soil to play with his national home team; Crosby was also the player who shot the puck in overtime to earn the gold medal for his country.

Crosby’s shot was unbelievable in itself:

With the gold literally riding on this game, in overtime, Crosby took the puck and shot to the corner. Teammate Jarome Iginla and American defenseman Ryan Suter soared toward it.

Canada's Sidney Crosby (87) leaps in the air after making the game-winning goal in the overtime period of a men's gold medal ice hockey game against USA at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia, Sunday, Feb. 28, 2010. Canada won 3-2. (AP Photo/Chris O'Meara)

Crosby reacted by skating toward the net–just a second before American defenseman, Brian Rafalski, could react and help Suter who fought against Inginla–Inginla won the battle and took the puck.

Crosby took the pass–centered it–turned.

He was faced with a big obstacle in the form of Ryan Miller, the MVP of the Olympic hockey games.

But he took the shot–but no one saw what happened on the ice. Until they heard the screams and cheering and the energy. And that was when Canada knew.

“I didn’t know for sure[if Crosby made the shot],” Canadian goalie, Robert Luongo said. “I’ve seen that release before. It’s hard to pick up. When you shoot it real quick like that, it’s hard to close it. The feeling that goes through your body when Sid scores like that, it’s unreal.”

While Canada was up 2-0 for most the game, Team USA did not give up; Ryan Kesler took a shot to put his team down by one, and then US forward, Zach Parise took a shot with about 24 seconds to go to tie up the game.

But in overtime, it was the king of the ice, Sidney Crosby, who showed watchers what hockey is all about.

Team USA beat Canada in a huge win last Sunday. Tonight, they couldn’t take away the gold, but their results over the winter Olympics this year have been phenomenal and inspiring. And there is nothing wrong with silver.

Did the hockey games this year get you into hockey?

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4 Responses to “Canada steals the gold from USA in overtime in the winter Olympic hockey game”

  1. rplant1 Says:

    Crosby’s shot was so weak. I hate him so much. I see you have Caps Crease on your blogroll haha that’s awesome! I wish I could keep up with that but I have so much to do. USA is still the best country ever and Caps are goin to win the cup this year

  2. Genna Jean Wittstadt Says:

    haha I won’t lie,I am not a crosby fan but I will give him credit…he plays and played really well tonight.

    and of course, gotta support ya! keep up with it, I am not as knowledgeable with hockey as I am with other sports so would love to hear more what you say so I can learn from you.

  3. Timbo Says:

    Hockey is Canada’s game. Always was and always will be. Funny as hell to see OV slinking back to Washington with his tail between his legs. What a loser!

    • Genna Jean Wittstadt Says:

      I can agree that hockey is more Canada’s game…but considering most of the players play for the NHL, I hope that all the people who got into these Olympic hockey games will continue to stay fans and watch.

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