Get to know your Tigers: Towson baseball player profile

Steven Rice is a senior at Towson University. Originally from Eldersburg, Md., Rice played ball at Century High School. According to the Towson athletics website, Rice is a third-year performer in the outfield who is returning to the roster after having to sit out all of last season due to a broken wrist.

Steve Rice #32 for the Towson Tigers.

He will be seen plenty on the field in the left and possibly right field, and also may be used at a designated hitter.

He is “a hard-worker who has shown tremendous improvement…smart player with plenty of potential and a good defensive outfielder with a strong arm. [He] is a good student who has been named to the CAA Commissioner’s List for the last three years.”

Q:What made you decide to play baseball at Towson?

A: I liked the way the program was run, the school was fairly close to home, I liked the academics part of the school and I received a scholarship.

Q:What other schools did you consider playing ball at?

A:UMBC, UNC Greensboro, Hartford, Limestone, and Marietta

Q: What position do you play as a Tiger, and was that the same you played in high school or other schools? How has that affected your game?

A:I play Left Field for Towson. I played Centerfield for my high school but I have played left field for various summer teams. It has just helped me to better my game but learning to perfect various positions.

Q:What is your best memory with the team?

A:The best memory with the team is going to the CAA Championship during my sophomore year, even though we did not win the game.

Q: Are there any specific pregame rituals you or your team do before a game to pump you up?
A: Um…I wouldn’t say anything specific that we always do but we usually just joke around and keep things real light during warm-up’s.

Q:How do you feel about team unity on your team?
A:I think we have great team unity. It is very evident that the guys care about each other on the team.

Q:How do you feel about SCHOOL unity behind the team?
A:I don’t think there is very much school unity behind our team. Everyone is focused on the main sports such as football or basketball. I once told someone that I was on the baseball team here and they were unaware that we even had a team at Towson.

Q:What would you say do to get more people to attend the games at Towson?
A:I think if people were allowed to drink on the hill again it would bring more people to come out to the games. I mean who wouldn’t want to drink outside on a nice day and watch baseball.

Q:Do you think you play better when more students and alumni are in attendance to the games?
A:Yea I definitely think that I, as well as my teammates, play better when there are more people in attendance.

Q:When you graduate, would you come back to support the team as an alumnus?
A:Yea I would find the time after I graduate to come back and watch a game or two.

Q:What do you plan to do after college and when the game is over?
A:I plan on trying to find a job in the financial industry. Whether it is being a financial planner or a financial analyst, I know I enjoy working with numbers and ratios.

Q:How has baseball made a difference in your life?
A:Baseball has helped me to travel all over the United States to places that I may have never been to if I didn’t play. We have been to places like New Orleans, San Francisco, and Tempe, Arizona.

Q:How does baseball affect you in other aspects of life?
A:Baseball has helped me with time management and dedication. I have to be able to juggle practice times, homework, and time for friends. Baseball has helped me to realize that if you want to be good at something it takes constant work and determination.

Q:What will you miss the most after the game is over?
A:The thing that I will miss the most after the game is over is the feeling of being on a team and having all your boy’s out there with you day in and day out.


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