The Terps on senior night overtake Duke, tying for first in ACC

It might have taken them three years to do it.

It might have been the last game for Grieves Vasquez to play at Comcast Center.

And maybe it was not a game anyone would have predicted back in November.

But any way, the University of Maryland Terrapins took control of their senior night game to overcome their rivals, the Duke Bluedevils, 79-72.

The first 16 minutes of the game was in Maryland control.

Vasquez had quite a few showboat moves that might not have been necessary, especially when Duke, as expected, went on a 12-2 run, closing the 14-point comfortable lead the Terps had—leaving the score at halftime 40-38 Terps.

But that halftime locker room talk once again got the Terps going in the second half.

Vasquez, with 20 points in his senior game; Sean Mosley, who’s shooting game was impeccable with 11-points; the freshman big man, Jordan Williams, unstoppable in the paint with 15-points and 11-rebounds; Adrian Bowie, with 9 points and didn’t miss any; all knew this was an important game, wanted the W, so they took it.

A game with multiple ties– and a close one the whole way through the second half–and the energy at Comcast Center helping keep the players flying as monstrous dunk after dunk were scored by the Terps, in particular to be remembered by Landon Milbourne with his one-handed dunk.

Before tonight’s game started,  the records stood at No. 4 Duke (25-4, 12-2 ACC) against our No. 23 Maryland Terrapins (21-7, 11-3 ACC); this emotional game with a lot riding on it now leaves Due 25-5, 12-3 and UMD 22-7, 12-3–and tied for first in the ACC.

Maryland will without a doubt get rated lower in the national poll by tomorrow.

They will carry this and their last few wins into the tournaments as other teams will “fear the turtle.”

They won’t forget the moment that Vasquez shot an impossible running one-handed shot that somehow fell through the hoop that pretty much signaled the end of the game.

Comcast Center honors senior star player Grieves Vasquez before the start of the game by displaying the gold rush shirts creatively.

And they most definitely won’t forget the moment that their fellow students stormed the court in a sea of yellow to lift the players on their shoulders.

Tonight’s game was the Terps senior night. And for the most hated player in the ACC right now, number 21, Grieves Vasquez knew this was his night.

His game.

His last chance to beat Duke.

With his school supporting him with their ‘gold rush’ shirts and his parents proudly cheering in the stands, as well as University of Maryland basketball legend Juan Dixon, there was no way Vasquez was letting this game slip through his fingers.

He knew that the ACC tourny is right around the corner, and a win tonight would mean everything.

He wanted revenge for their loss to Duke earlier in the season.

And on a night he’s sure to never forget, he got it.

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5 Responses to “The Terps on senior night overtake Duke, tying for first in ACC”

  1. Mark Says:

    This was one of the most exciting games I’ve watched Maryland play in a long time. It’s good to see the seniors go out on top against a team like Duke, who now show that they can be beaten by us. We’ve done a lot of growing up this past season and our future looks bright with Jordan Williams.

    • Genna Jean Wittstadt Says:

      Definitely. Great future to look forward to with a big man with great leader potential in Williams. After this game, I think it is also safe to say that Grieves just overtook Scheyer’s possibility of getting ACC player of the year, and player of the year after tonight’s game.

  2. rplant1 Says:

    Yeaaa Terps. F Duke!

  3. val Says:

    Great game, but why do the students at Maryland behave badly at the game and riot afterwards . This gives the school a bad reputation.

    • Genna Jean Wittstadt Says:

      haha well compared to other school’s and compared to other games won at UMD, they weren’t that bad considering. I’ve been there for big games where they have the guard lined up down the street ready for riots to break out.

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