O’s plays in the off-season show promise for a bright season

Baltimore Oriole’s fans have dealt with a lot of pain the past few seasons.

But are the O’s ready to put that pain aside and be the team fans have been waiting for them to be?

From the results seen in Sarasota so far this off-season during camp, it seems like it is possible.

In the pre-season opener against the Tampa Bay Rays, the O’s took the game 12-2 with two homers from third baseman, Josh Bell.

Bell is the 23-year old the O’s picked up from the LA Dodgers last summer. He also had a sac fly in the fourth inning to get points on the board for his team. If you think you haven’t heard of him before, you probably have as many fans have said that Miguel Tajada is playing third as a stop gap until Bell proves worthy–what do you think?

What’s a stop gap? Basically a temporary filler until that spot can be filled. The O’s believe Bell can be that future for them they have been building to fill–and after the way Bell has been playing so far, that future isn’t so far away.

Other big names to look out for, first baseman, Rhyne Hughes, who also had two homers in that same opening game; right fielder Nick Markakis who had a homer and double in that game; and don’t ignore Tejada despite rumors of Bell: he is going to also prove  his worth of getting signed back on the team.

Shortstop Ty Wigginton, center fielder Adam Jones, left fielder Luke Scott, pitcher Jeremy Guthrie (who pitched 2-solid scoreless innings), catcher Matt Wieters who has a lot of promise are all also part of your starting O’s to keep an eye out for.

Young pitcher Chris Tillman had a great Friday against the Pittsburgh Pirates as he threw 22 strikes out of 33 pitches and struck out three players.

Sunday, the O’s are playing the Red Sox. Currently, the score is 4-1 at the 7th inning stretch with the O’s ahead of the Sox.  Markakis and Garret Atkins each with a score so far, and Miguel Abreu with 2.

A lot to look forward to for opening day in April, Baltimore.

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2 Responses to “O’s plays in the off-season show promise for a bright season”

  1. Bill Says:


    Another great post. The O’s are finally on the verge of turning the corner this season. Are we going to make the playoffs? No. Are you going to win 98 games like we did in ’97(our last playoff year)? No. But, this year will be an amazing year for our talent to evolve and come together. Andy McPhail continues to amaze me with his brillant decision making and personal moves. Expect Josh Bell to be the starter at 3rd base next season unless he has a serious setback and Tejada to keep the seat warm. The OF is set with Markakis, Jones and Reimold. The infield is looking good with Roberts, Izturis, Weiters, Josh Bell but we need a 1st baseman. The pitching staff is going to be great soon with Matusz, Tillman, Hernandez and Berganson. I like the trade for Kevin Millwood and I wish we would have gotten one more veteran pitcher for the staff. Things are looking very promising in Baltimore! Go O’s!

    • Genna Jean Wittstadt Says:

      thanks Bill!

      And yea, I like that we have a rotation of pitchers, not just one or 2 to bank on. And with a set-up of vets and newbies, they will all be able to learn from each other.

      I also agree that we are going to be a building team this season, not the standout team that fans are hoping. But to me, actually watching the foundation for a team be set is more hopeful than seeing a team just kick butt one season then fall again in the next ya know.

      Keep reading, and as always thanks for the comments 🙂

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