Upsets in the first round of the NCAA tourney; top brackets in the sportaholic pool

The first round of the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament ended last night with some expected–and some stunning–victories.

Most shocking so far was the Ohio and Georgetown game. Did anyone else see that coming? I think every other upset could have been predicted, so unless you are from Ohio; let me know if you chose this #14 seed over the favored #3 Beast from the East team.

Other upsets was  #13 Murray State over #4 Vanderbilt,  though this game wasn’t as big of a surprise as Murray State is a strong and athletic team and proved it with  Donero Thomas’ buzzer beating shot.

Some other upsets that weren’t as shocking were:

# 10 St. Mary’s over #7 Richmond 80-71;
#11 ODU over #6 Notre Dame; 51-50;
#11 Washington over #6 Marquette 80-78;
#12  Cornell over #5 Temple 78-65;
#10 Missouri over #7 Clemson 86-78.

In my bracket pool so far, here are the top 10 brackets:

Rank Name Number of points
1 Charm city sportaholic, G. Wittstadt 250
1 Where’s UMBC?, M. Huber 250
3 Pohlmann is God, J. Pohlmnann 240
4 Boozers 101,B. Arvin 230
4 Major PhD, P.Dorsey 230
4 Neverseenit, R.Hattrup 230
4 Krobey286 1, K.R. 230
8 LindsayP803, L.P. 220
8 Soliddisco,C. Fong 220
10 Pete’s Picks, P.DiLutis 210

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One Response to “Upsets in the first round of the NCAA tourney; top brackets in the sportaholic pool”

  1. Mark Says:

    Yea that was the peak of my bracket. Then the 2nd round began…

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