Rafael Alvarez creates Baltimore’s Daily Camden Project

The Baltimore Orioles may have 12 losing seasons, but to hometown fans like Rafael Alvarez, there isn’t enough love for the team.

Alvarez, a Baltimore native, created the idea of the “Daily Camden Project” with Welcome to Baltimore, Hon.com to promote the reasons why Camden Yards and the Orioles mean so much to Baltimore and the people who live there.

“I love baseball and I love Baltimore,” Alvarez said. “It seems Baltimoreans have a very strong affection for things that we do together as a city, most obvious would be the Ravens and Orioles. And this is a football town, there is no two ways about that. But my heart is still with the Orioles and baseball.”

Alvarez  was a reporter for the Baltimore Sun for 20 years and also contributed to The Wire, the HBO show about Baltimore. He grew up in this area, went to Mount Saint Joseph for high school and Loyola College; he married a local girl and they raised their children in this area.

Why stay in Baltimore? A quote from one of his books, Hometown Boy, says it best: “this is Baltimore and no one really leaves.”

That same attitude is one many Orioles fans also have. Being a fan of a team that has only let down the city for a dozen years is not easy.

But memories of what used to be help bring optimism to Baltimoreans.

“My favorite moment goes back to Memorial Stadium when I was 12-years-old, in 1970 and we went to the World Series. My Uncle Victor took me to the game and I saw the only grand slam by a pitcher in World Series history,” said the “hometown boy” about his memory. “It was Dave McNally, may he rest in peace; he was a great left handed pitcher for the O’s all through the glory years–and I was there to see that.”

Alvarez, who proudly claims to be a “true blue Baltimorean”, wants to bring memories like that alive for everyone in the city and for years to come.

“Anyone interested is welcome, the more the merrier. The only thing we are prohibiting is we are not allowing any Yankees fans to participate, other than that we will take them all,” joked Alvarez.”But this project is on that  one pile of bricks down at the Inner Harbor that people know and and many people love and how they see it.”

As he says, your idea of what Camden Yards means to you is going to be different from your friends, from a professional photographer or “the ten year old who got a cheap digital camera for their birthday.”

Alvarez is looking for as many who want to participate; they don’t want to have to use someone twice if possible.

But everyday during the Orioles season–162 games but 190 days between April and October–the idea is to get a picture of what the 18-year-old Camden Yards means for you.

If interested in being part of this project, check out Welcome to Baltimore, Hon! for more information or email Rafael Alvarez at camden@welcometobaltimorehon.com.

“Everyday, readers can wake up, turn on their computers and go to Welcome to Baltimore Hon!.com and see the photo from the day before.  Plus you can look at all the photos from the weeks before.

“And we are hoping for a Baltimore family album but instead of the album being filled with little Johnny or little Susie, the baby will be Camden Yards; a Baltimore love story.”


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5 Responses to “Rafael Alvarez creates Baltimore’s Daily Camden Project”

  1. Genna Jean Wittstadt Says:

    edited typo area: Baltimorians to Baltimoreans.

  2. Tates Says:

    Sounds good, but the O’s seem to be picking from where they left off last year. Lets hope for the better with this just being a slow start.

  3. lorettagarfinkle Says:


    Please send me your email address…tried 2 of mine…do not work…Where are you?


  4. lorettagarfinkle Says:

    Where are you?


  5. lorettagarfinkle Says:

    I like the new project…please email me.


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