Dollar dog day at Towson’s baseball game

On April 14, Towson University’s student marketing group held “Dollar Dog Day” for the  baseball team as they hosted Bucknell to promote the game to entice students to attend.

Though the Tigers fell to Bucknell 12-3, the hill was full of students cheering on the team.

Students cheer on the Tigers on the hill of Schuerholz Park

Students cheer on the Tigers on the hill of Schuerholz Park on April 14, 2010.

The Tigers started off the game bottom of the 1st when junior Nick Natoli hit a single to bring in teammate Ben Winter who was on third to make the score 1-0.

In the fifth inning, the score 7-1, designated hitter Steven Rice hit a hard drive to center field that came close to making it over the fence; his double got teammate Austin Harclerode to third where he would soon score for the Tigers before the end of the inning.

But the Bison took over the game with their five homers and ended the game in their favor 12-3.

An exciting game nonetheless as the Tigers played great and had a few K’s to keep the students and fans cheering.

But one of the sports marketing interns came up with the idea to help bring those students to the game–bring people back to ‘the hill.’

Today was dollar hot dog day and they sold out despite having bought over 80 dogs.

More ideas to come for more of the sports from the sports marketing group. Look for information from Doc’s army and on facebook from student groups and student athletes.

And don’t forget that the  Towson ball players will be continuing in the action as they face University of Delaware for a 3-game event this weekend. Good luck, Tigers!


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One Response to “Dollar dog day at Towson’s baseball game”

  1. Tates Says:

    No wonder they only had 10,000 at Camden Yard.

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