Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger suspended 6 games

The long awaited decision on whether Ben Roethlisberger would be suspended finally was announced today and the verdict is six games.

Baltimore fans, with our schedule out as of 7 p.m. yesterday, that means our first meet with our division rivals for game four in the 2010 season  is going to be sans Big Ben.

Roethlisberger was suspended by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for violating the Personal Conduct policy after he was accused of sexually harassing an underage college girl in a Georgia nightclub last month.

Ben Roethlisberger suspended six games for the upcoming 2010 season. Will he remain in steel city?

Goodell said in the letter to Roethlisberger: “In your six years in the NFL, you have first thrilled and now disappointed a great many people.

“I urge you to take full advantage of this opportunity to get your life and career back on track.”

There have been rumors already of Art Rooney II and the Steelers franchise talking about trading Big Ben–could he be more trouble than he is worth?

According to ESPN, The Steelers have called the Rams, 49ers, Raiders, Bills, Jaguars, Seahawks and Browns. But do these teams really want a QB that may be a two-time SuperBowl winner, but notorious party boy?

Sitting out all those six games would cost Roethlisberger an estimated $2.8 million.

He also is not allowed to practice with the team until he goes through a comprehensive behavioral evaluation.

Goodell will evaluate Roethlisberger’s progress before the season and might consider reducing the suspension to four games–however if he does not pass, it could result in longer suspension.

An update on Big Ben being traded: A source called WNST while I’m here and said they heard that there are actually talks about St. Louis taking Big Ben and a first round pick from the Steelers and that the Steelers are going to rely on backup QB Dennis Dixon.

Possible rumor? Only time will tell. You heard it here first.

Another rumor according to Jason La Canfora of NFL Network reports that the Steelers have been in contact with the Raiders regarding a possible trade, and that Oakland “[m]ight be [the] only real option.”

The Steelers apparently want a top-ten pick for Roethlisberger.  If they don’t get the trade to Oakland, then would they be willing to drop down to a pick in the teens?

Keep in mind that the San Fran 49ers hold the 13th pick, and Roethlisberger grew up rooting for the team.

The Steelers also  traded a 7th round for this week’s NFL draft to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for quarterback Byron Leftwich,  in anticipation of a possible Roethlisberger suspension.

Check back for updates on where the two-time SuperBowl winner and two-time accused of rape QB may be this fall.

Would you want to be a fan of the team that has Roethlisberger? Or do you think the NFL is putting too much attention on this case.


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12 Responses to “Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger suspended 6 games”

  1. Lindsay Says:

    UGH since i Just wrote a sweet ass comment and it deleted it I guess I will start over. I think 6 games is not a harsh enough punishment. This just condones that type of behavior. “Ok Ben no playing for 6 games and behavioral analysis” WTF? Any normal person with 3 ACCUSATIONS of rape would be in prison. No if ands or buts. However, since the charges were dropped and thats all they are are accusations I guess the NFLs hands are tied. GOOD NEWS FOR BALTIMORE no BIG BEN in steeler country when we play them in week 4. Woo hoo. I hope the steelers protect their image and just drop the dead weight all together. I’d be sweating bullets if I were him, they dropped Holmes with no questions asked. Ben can be replaced and I think that is part of his problem he doesn’t think he can be dropped. He thinks he’s invincible I hope he wakes the hell up! That quote you have is perfect Genna… “One of the greats to one of the greatest dissapointments in football”… Hopefully he does take this time to become a better human, I know many don’t respect him anymore. His reputation alone is gone, a accused rapist, three times over….. NEXT! Keep it updated girl, LOVE IT!

  2. terence Says:

    6 games for no charges being brought against him in 2 cases in different states …. U must be a Ravens fan or an idiot…. If the gov’t can’t find anything why punish him on accusations he may as well been found guilty same penalty!!!! The Warden Goodell lost my respect today, for folding to pressure!!!

    • conoonk Says:

      Guilty or not, I think the suspension stems from the fact that Roethlisberger put himself in this situation. Are you just going to say it was just coincidence that 2 totally different people from different places accused him of assault?

      The case being dropped could mean there was not enough evidence to prosecute him, not that he was clearly innocent.

      He broke the League’s Personal Conduct Policy. A player doesn’t have to break government laws to be suspended from the NFL.

      Goodell did the right thing by showing players across the league that this type of behavior is unacceptable for professional athletes.

    • Genna Jean Wittstadt Says:

      Roethlisberger may not have been found guilty–but you can’t blame the girl for dropping the case since it is such a high profile case.

      From what is known, Roethlisberger did actually rape the girl. After buying the girl and her friends a few rounds of shots, his bodyguard led the girl into a hallway and sat her in a chair and told her to wait. Then Ben came over to her and exposed himself. She told him she was not okay with that and tried to leave, and the next closest door was the bathroom door. He followed her in there and closed the door where he proceeded to have sex with her. She got away and told police officers right away. After going to the hospital and being examined, it was shown that she had been raped and that there was male DNA found, but there was not enough to prove it was Roethlisberger.

      Whether Goodell suspended him or not, Art Rooney already has been quoted to saying that he was going to discipline Roethlisberger if Goodell didn’t.

      And the message Goodell is sending out is that one, no matter who you are, treating women the way he does is NOT acceptable. and the new league policy is trying to better the reputation of not only the NFL but also the coaches and players etc.

      Goodell is trying to clean up the NFL. I think he is doing good for the league. All these players get out of control because they all of a sudden have all this money so act up like idiots.

      Maybe the cases got dropped, but Big Ben is still being sued by the women from Nevada. That girl from Georgia just had her life ruined–but from a girl’s point of view, would rather drop the case and not have her name and face be on every headline so she can have somewhat of a normal life.

      Roethlisberger is putting himself in these positions and it is about time someone is disciplining one of these too highly paid athletes to cut the crap and stop acting like assholes just because they think they can.

  3. Lindsay Says:

    Wow a Ravens fan or an idiot? Must be a Steelers fan, to even think of defending him, however 99% of them are shutting up too. Really, I guess some people don’t know how to just read and move on. ANYWAYS Love the people that read your blog Genna YOU KEEP ON WRITING GIRL, your far from an idiot. Not really sure if the idiot comment was to you or my comment but either way!

    I agree with you Genna I don’t blame the girl for dropping the case, HOWEVER he has 3 accusations common now? Assholes like him need to be punished and shown that you can’t just treat women the way that he does. I think maybe if your readers were a woman OR were a father to a girl their opinion on “how it is not fair” would change. He signed up for these consequences, no one brought this on but himself. One accusation, ok could just be the girl trying to get rich quick, two… and even THREE… common, it doesnt take a rocket scientist to see Big Ben has problems.

  4. Peter Says:

    Genna….Here’s my thing.

    If a prosecutor cannot find Ben guilty of rape, then Goodell does not have the authority to either.

    Not saying Goodell is saying he raped the girl, but he said that Ben’s conduct does not reflect favorably on the NFL.

    Well, if he didn’t rape her, then he had sex with a girl in the bathroom.

    What NFL player doesn’t go out to a club and have sex? Certainly Ben is not the only one. Is having sex in a public place a crime? Is that what Ben is being suspended for?

    Ben could have been charged with a crime after the evidence was presented…he wasn’t. Goodell has no right to use that evidence against him, if the evidence did not lead to a criminal charge IMO.

    • Genna Jean Wittstadt Says:

      Right, and that is why I wrote the blog unbiased since I have no authority saying whether or not this was right or wrong of Goodell to have done.

      But from a girl’s point of view–it sucks. I’ve been in bad situations before and I know way too many girls who have been in rape situations. And the cases get dropped. The girls get called a slut and said that “they wanted it to happen” or “it was their fault for drinking.”

      Kind of a double edge sword for a girl “get raped” if she did indeed by a house hold named NFL player. Like I said in my last comment, being a girl and knowing girls in her position but put in that position by no-name guys, I believe about 70-80% of rape goes unreported? Something insane like that. It’s sad, really.

      But again like I said in my comment which was more my opinion on it all, Goodell is pretty much saying quit acting up to all NFL players; there are so many people looking up to yall. If they don’t want that kind of attention then don’t sign up for the job ya know.

      Also, if Roethlisberger had been convicted of a crime, I am sure he would have been suspended for probably a season if not more. Would he have faced jail time? Or house arrest? Not sure about that but those are possibilities as well.

      As a sports fan, I still think that Goodell being a “warden” may not make fans happy, but overall, it is getting pathetic having these players pull the stupid stunts they have been lately. DUIs, hit-and-runs, rape,domestic abuse, violating gun policies etc.

      Yes, those are every day occurrences that happen to everyone we know. But again—not everyday people are on our TV sets every week and aren’t in the spotlight. A lot of professional athletes need to start being more responsible point blank period.

  5. Peter Says:

    I mean I see your’s a good one.

    My prob is Goodell saying, as you said, to quit acting up to all NFL players, when in this case, if Ben was not convicted (which we know he wasn’t) he did nothing that so many other players do.

    They went out, got drunk, and had sex with an underage girl in a club.

    Look at it this way. What if this didn’t go public. (And the only way it got public, was because the girl accused Ben of something that he wasn’t convicted of, remember that)

    What if Ben went to Goodell and said Roger, guess what I did last night. I went to a club, got drunk, met this chick, and we had sex in the bathroom. (which, if he didn’t rape her, is what happened, right?)

    Would Roger say, good for you Ben, or would he suspend him 6 games? Obviously, he wouldn’t be suspended there.

    I just think the accusations have overblown the reality. I’m not saying just because he wasn’t convicted means that he didn’t do it, because no one knows other than Ben and that girl. But all we have is that Ben had sex with her in a club. Not a crime, obviously not grounds for an NFL suspension.

    • Genna Jean Wittstadt Says:

      Well that is the big debate behind it, isn’t it haha.

      I think the issue is that this is not the first time Roethlisberger has been in this position. He wasn’t suspended in 2008 when he was accused (and is still being sued) by a girl from Nevada for the same thing.

      From what people in Pitt say, this is behavior somewhat typical of him when they see him in the bars up there.

      And the fact that his own franchise AND his own teammates have not said anything to defend him make me read between the lines of what is NOT being said.

      I mean, if they believed him—the people closest to him during half the year—are not saying things like “we want our QB back, he is a great guy and we fully support him and don’t believe he did anything wrong.” Or anything else along those lines. They aren’t.

      Just earlier the team’s director of operations told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (instead of saying we believe him, but instead are trying to clear their name to not be in bad limelight) : “this guy has helped us win two championships and he’s made some mistakes but he also deserves the opportunity to rectify those mistakes. I know we stand behind his opportunity to do that.”

      It just seems like there isn’t anyone, including him, who are coming out and saying she’s lying or trying to prove it wasn’t true. Or that the case in Nevada isn’t true.

      Look at the Duke lacrosse case. Those boys didn’t do anything wrong but look at everything they lost. They all did come out and say it wasn’t true but they were convicted by the country before the case proved they were innocent. BUT THEY CAME FORWARD AND FOUGHT. That is the big key factor.

      IF Roethlisberger is being set up by these women (yes, sadly too many girls do that and is another reason girls who are really in trouble don’t come forward and get help when they are raped) then why isn’t he trying to show everyone he is innocent?

      His reputation has been tarnished. He has gotten names like Rapeisberger and Worthlisberger, etc. Would you want to have your rep be like that, or would you try to show you teammates, fans, employers, friends and family that you are someone they can count in?

      The other sad part of this all is that if he HADN’T been suspended,from other blogs I have read, the racist NFL comments would have risen. That race had to play a factor in a sad case like this is pathetic. But it’s true. From what is being said, if a white, big name QB didn’t get in trouble while players like Pacman and Stallworth etc. get suspended, then Goodell is racist.

      Honestly, the race card is *ucked up and I didn’t write that in this blog because it made me angry that people would even think about race in this circumstance. Why does EVERYTHING have to boil down to color!?

    • Genna Jean Wittstadt Says:

      And here is another reason–even Big Ben is not fighting his suspension. According to Adam Schefter, “Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger said today he will not appeal the suspension and “will comply with what is asked of me — and more.””

  6. Peter Says:

    Yeah, the race thing is ridiculous.

    And you make alot of great points, and I enjoyed the blog.

    The thing I keep coming back to, is how you say in your comment that people around PItt have said that they see this numerous times in him when they are out and about in Pitt.

    So what? Ben is out, getting drunk, hooking up with girls. If I go out to Canton tonight and see Ray Rice hooking up with a girl in the bathroom, should he be suspended? What if 24 year old Dennis Pitta invites his 20 y/o gf over to his house and gives her alcohol…should he be suspended?

  7. Peter Says:

    And I will mention that you make a lot of good points about people not defending him. I honestly don’t know what to think.

    Is Hines Ward not defending Big Ben because he really isn’t friends with him? Maybe Ben is not well liked in the locker room? There were some whispers about it last season.

    Also, sadly, perception plays a large role as well. A lot of mothers across the country will never look at Ben the same again…he will be an abuser in their eyes. Do players want to risk being lumped into the category of supporting someone like that, or are they just keeping quiet to let Ben handle it?

    Alot of interesting points for both sides. I will say this that supports your theory…if I was Ben, and I didn’t rape her, I’m doing a heck of a lot more trying to clear my name.

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