Baltimore Ravens 2010 draft picks rounds 1-3

The Baltimore Ravens have made some pretty big moves so far in the 2010 draft.

While in the middle of the biggest three days for football upcoming stars—and remember we are on the clock–Ozzie Newsome has made choices that are going to have major impact in Charm City.

About 90% of Ravens fans hearts were broken last night when the Dallas Cowboys swooped in and traded up to get pick 24 to take WR Dez Bryant (personally I was glad for it and had a feeling Ozzie would trade down and build up the team with more picks).

And he did just that. With pick 25, Ozzie predictably chose to trade that to the Denver Broncos (who then chose Florida QB Tim Tebow) in exchange for picks 43, 70 and 114.

Was that a smart move?

Word of advice–trust in Ozzie.

As Jon Gruden said while commentating on ESPN : “If I went back to coach again,  I would have Ozzie Newsome choose my picks for me.”

The commentators on ESPN saying something good about the Baltimore franchise is so rare that far in between that we better hold onto that compliment, Bmore.

And the boys from Mobtown have chosen great picks so far. With their number 43 pick, they chose Sergio Kindle, OLB from Texas.

He’s one of the best pass rushers in the position and he has shown he can rush from both two- and three-point stances. One negative thing about Kindle: he has a problem with his knee as it is injured. However, the Ravens do not need him to start right away as they have Jarret Johnson and Terrell Suggs already in that position.

Smart move for the Ravens. Building up their defense that while was ranked 3rd last season, is getting old. Starting to build it now and have rookies mature under Ray Lewis’ defense is only going to keep that defense the top of the League.

Only concern, other than his knee, is Kindle seems to be something of a “character.”

Terence “Mount” Cody, the DT from Alabama, was taken with the Ravens teams no. 57 pick. Mount Cody is HUGE–a massive 348 pounds huge. I can’t imagine the fear other teams may have when they look up and see Haloti Ngata and Cody snearing back.

I just hope Baltimore has enough food to feed these two monstrous players! But all jokes aside, I am very excited about this pick up. I liked Mount Cody at ‘Bama so can’t wait to see him in purple and black as it has been rumored that Cody is going to try out for the starting spot against current nose tackle Kelley Gregg.

Don Banks from said Sports Illustrated said “the Ravens simply do not pass on under-valued talent, and the big guy from Nick Saban’s program adds a quality run-stuffer to the Baltimore defensive line.”

But Cody makes sense even for a top ranked defense that allowed the fewest rushing yards per carry (3.4) last season.

The Ravens allowed three 100-yard rushers (Cincinnati’s Cedric Benson twice and Minnesota’s Adrian Peterson) after not allowing one in 39 straight games.

Then with their acquired 70 pick, Ravens chose TE Ed Dickson from Oregon.

Many people seemed surprised by this move as they did not think the Ravens were shopping for a player in this position; however I am glad to see this for a few reasons though Todd Heap being a fan favorite being a reason many were surprised.

But Dickson is going to be a great asset for QB Joe Flacco. He has wide receiver hands and has the speed to stretch the middle of the field.  The 6-foot-5, 243 pounds TE was named first-team All-Pac 10 last season and had 42 catches for 551 yards and six touchdowns for the Ducks last season.

Next up: picks 114, 156, 157 and 194th.

Will the Ravens now start working more on their offense and hope to move last years 13th overall offensive ranking to a top 10 offense in the NFL? Or will my predication of them drafting a CB happen.

Some are projecting that a safety or inside LB might get picked up.

But while we need to start thinking about players in those classes, the thought of anyone ever replacing (not that any could) Ed Reed or Ray Lewis is a little disheartening.

So far, everything Ozzie has done has not surprised me much. What do all of you think so far, and who do you think the Ravens should take in their last few picks?

Keep watching, and check for future updates from the sportaholic.



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7 Responses to “Baltimore Ravens 2010 draft picks rounds 1-3”

  1. motivateandmove Says:

    I know that Ozzie knows what he’s doing. He is to football what Donald Trump is to real estate. It’s all in the deal. We will not be disappointed.

  2. Tates Says:

    I know there was some chatter about Mount Cody being overweight. But how much heavier is he then that big mouth slob Tony Sarigoosa.

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