Baltimore Ravens 2010 draft picks

The Baltimore Ravens made it through the new three day draft period of the 2010 season and many are happy with the actions by Ozzie Newsome and company.

Here are all the players taken by the Ravens and a little information about them taken from

In round 2 pick 11(43 overall)  
Sergio Kindle  OLB  Texas was chosen from Miami through Denver.

What he brings: Kindle is another talented prospect with durability concerns. His stem from a knee injury. On the other hand, Kindle is an explosive pass-rusher and athletic run defender on film. He needs to get a bit stronger at the point of attack, but there’s a lot to like about his upside.

How he fits: Kindle will provide good depth at the outside linebacker position for the Ravens’ 3-4 defense. The Ravens have good starters in Jarret Johnson and Terrell Suggs, but Kindle will be able to spell these players more and more as they age. This was not a big need for the club, but he fits their defense very well. 

Round2  pick 25(57 overall)
 Terrence Cody DT Alabama 

What he brings: Cody has the bulk and athletic ability of an elite nose tackle prospect. The problem is his stamina. He wears down far too quickly and needs to be rotated out of the game frequently.

How he fits: Kelly Gregg has had injury issues the last couple of years and the club recently lost Justin Bannan to Denver and Dwan Edwards to Buffalo. This was already a good defense without Cody, but his presence will make them even tougher to attack with the running game. Cody and Haloti Ngata will often line up alongside each other and form one of the biggest tandems in the league.

Round  3  pick 6(70 overall)
 Ed Dickson  TE  Oregon  from Seattle through Philadelphia and Denver.

What he brings: Dickson is one of the better pass-catching tight ends in this year’s class. He has great top-end speed to stretch the field combined ideal body control and ball skills. He still needs to develop as a run-blocker but should contribute in the passing game.

How he fits: This receiving tight end has the ability to threaten the seam and initially will have a chance to learn behind Cornell Green has gone to Buffalo and Mario Henderson struggles at left tackle in pass-protection.

Round 4  pick 16(114 overall)
 Dennis Pitta  TE  Brigham Young  from Denver.

What he brings: Pitta is limited as far as overall athleticism. However, he is a savvy zone-beater who should develop into a dangerous red zone threat for Joe Flacco. Although he gives good effort as a run-blocker, he needs to get stronger at the point of attack.

How he fits: Baltimore took yet another receiving tight end because Todd Heap is on the downside of his career. Ed Dickson likely will stretch the field, and Pitta will be able to work underneath zones.

Round 5  pick 25(156 overall) 
 David Reed  WR  Utah.  

What he brings: great value at this pick. He may have some of the better ball skills in this year’s receiver class. He is a polished route runner, shows great toughness going over the middle and can run the entire route tree.

Round 5 pick 26(157 overall)
 Arthur Jones  DT  Syracuse  from Arizona. 

What he brings:  It comes as no surprise he fell this far due to his durability issues, but when healthy he is one of the better one-gap run stoppers in the draft. He comes from a wrestling background and plays with good leverage.

Round 6 pick 25(194 overall)
 Ramon Harewood  OT  Morehouse.

What he brings:  Harewood is a major project. He has great size, at 6-6, 350 pounds, and incredible natural bruit strength. He’s going to be a big project; he must play lower and approach the game with an aggressive attitude.

Also released earlier today were the draft players jersey numbers.

OLB Sergio Kindle #49
DT Terence Cody #63
TE Ed Dickson #80
TE Dennis Pitta #88
WR David Reed #16
DT Art Jones #61
OL Roman Harewood # 78


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2 Responses to “Baltimore Ravens 2010 draft picks”

  1. Tates Says:

    I think the Wizard of Oz made some good moves and pluged some holes.

    • Genna Jean Wittstadt Says:

      Yea, I think they did excellent and –all biasm aside– did one of the best picks out of the whole NFL. Only thing they did not address was the secondary but we still have time to build.

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