Get to know your Tiger Athletes: profile on Towson basketball player

Towson University’s basketball program boasts one of its top players, Robert Nwankwo. Known as “Big Rob,” this forward for the Tigers from Hyattsville, Md. has an average of 9.9 points per game and 8.9 rebounds per game.

The 6″8′ player helped his team’s journey in March 2010 to the Colonial Athletic Association (CAA) Championship basketball tournament in Richmond. After beating UNC Wilmington 91-74 in the first round, the Tigers lost 86-56 to Old Dominion (ODU would go on to play in the NCAA tournament).

Robert Nwankwo, #25 for the Towson Tigers basketball team.

Nwankwo scored 13 points and had six rebounds during that last game to keep the Tigers alive.  With one more season to go, make sure to keep an eye under the board for Nwankwo to dominate in his upcoming senior season.

Q. How did it feel to win that first big game against UNC Wilmington during the tournament in March?
A. I wasn’t surprised we got the win against them. We were the higher seed so it was expected of us to beat them.

Q. You also received CAA honors at the end of the season; what exactly did you get and what’s it mean for you?
A. I received an award for the “All Defensive Team” and was a vote away from the “All CAA team”… I put in a lot of hard work during the off-season, I guess it paid off in a way haha.

***Nwankwo is the third Tiger to receive these defensive honors from the CAA. Tony Dixon in 2004 and Brian Allen in 2002 were the other two.

Q. What made you decide to play basketball at Towson?
A. I was being recruited by a neighboring school, Loyola [University]. During my visit I chose to stay with my brother rather than stay with a player I didn’t really know so well.

He took me to the local Burdick gym and I played with a couple of TU players and preferred there style of play at the time. My brother also had a major impact on my decision.

Q. What position do you play as a Tiger, and was that the same you played in high school or other schools? How has that affected your game?
A. I play the Forward position now, and did so in high school.

Q. What is your best memory with the team?
A. Going to the library to study.

Q.Are there any specific pregame rituals you or your team do before a game to pump you up?
A. Listening to music, things of that nature.

Q. How do you feel about team unity on your team?
A. It’s something that develops on and off the court, without it winning is much harder to achieve. We’re a new bunch and unity is something we will achieve.

Q. Do you think you play better when more students and alumni are in attendance at the games?
A. Definitely with more students/alumni attending. The more students/alumni, the better you want to play to prove how good you are.

Q. How has basketball made a difference in your life and has it affected you in other aspects of life?
A.I would say I have much more of a better understanding of the importance of cooperation, loyalty and hard work as a result of my participation in the game of basketball. I do believe those are necessities for success in the real world.

Q. What will you miss the most after the game is over?
A. Too early to say what I will miss but when the time comes I know I will miss something.


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