Birdland Bars–sports bars in Baltimore: part I

Yes Baltimore, it is that time of the year.

The time of the year when our most hated rivals are in town. No, not the Pittsburgh Steelers. I can’t believe I will actually admit this, but there is a team, when they come to Baltimore, that brings more rivalry that the football team from Steel city.

The New York Yankees.

Why is this team worse? Simply because of all the fans of the Yankees everywhere.

This is BIRDland.

But yet, when you watch or go to the games and see the fans at Camden Yards, it is overwhelmingly Yankee fans.

How can we stop this from happening—this take-over of Baltimore’s baseball stadium?

Number one—GO TO THE GAMES!

I know, I know. The O’s are on a losing streak so why waste your time and money, right? WRONG. How can a team get better or even want to get better if they have no support?

Also, for all you fans out there who have already given up only a few weeks into the season, did you know that the Orioles beat the Yankees 5-4 on Tuesday April 26?

Because they did. Alfredo Simon had his first major league win when, at the top of the 9th, finished the game in favor of the O’s.

Okay, so maybe the O’s lost last night’s game 8-3 after Jeremy Guthrie played pretty sloppily, but that leaves them with one more game tonight to try to win before they host the team hailing from Red Sox Nation and try to make their 4-17 record not as lopsided.

Number two—if you feel like going to the games just isn’t as much fun anymore, then change your attitude. There is a lot more to game day than actually going to the game.

There is a hodgepodge of hot bars and scenes to hit up before, after and during the game.  Go early and check out some of them and get pumped as you take shots and have a good time rubbing elbows with orange blooded fans.

Need some ideas or reasons to go? Some of the hotspots to check out are the Nest, Pratt Street Ale House, Pickles, Camden Pub, Luna del Sea and Mothers among others.

First stop on my list of sports bars I want you to check out is the Nest on Pratt Street. It is directly across from the convention center on the corner of Pratt and Hopkins and is in walking distance to the stadium and the metro station.

There are many reasons to hit up the Nest, but if you want to see what it is really all about, head down there tonight before the last Yankees game or this weekend while Boston is in town.

I plan on going to as many games this season while I am in Baltimore. It is time we take back Baltimore and show our orange spirit no matter what the record of the team may be.

If you see me out, be sure to stop and say hello and have a drink with me—but no worries I promise not to spray any more peoples hair orange—unless you are a grumpy fan!


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