Man gets life sentence for killing Broncos player

The trial for the tragic murder of the Denver Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams in 2007 in a drive-by shooting was finally put to an end as the man who shot Williams was sentenced Friday to life in prison plus 1,152 years.

Willie Clark, a gang-member, shot Williams on New Years 2007 in a Denver nightclub after an altercation with former Bronco’s wide receiver Brandon Marshall.

Darrent Williams, the former starting cornerback, kick and punt returner for the Denver Broncos, was killed in 2007.

According to witnesses who testified during the trial, Clark did not like the fact that the famous athletes were getting star treatment.

After the Bronco’s players left the club, Clark jumped in an SUV and followed the stretch Hummer limo were he fired a round of shots, fatally hitting Williams. He died in teammate Javon Walker‘s arms.

During a hearing Friday, Clark was declared “a habitual criminal, making him eligible for the 1,152 years in prison. He had two prior felony convictions and also was convicted of 16 counts of attempted first-degree murder and aggravated assault in the Williams case.”

It took prosecutors and police nearly two years to build a case against Clark, partly because those who witnessed the shooting were part of a gang drug ring under federal investigation, Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey has said.

Williams was, according to those who knew him, a peacemaker, great player and person, and someone to be proud of.

Rosalind Williams called her son’s slaying a cowardly act and said to Clark during the trial “make your mom and your dad proud. I know my son made me proud.”

Williams, who was 24 when he died, attended Oklahoma State University and was the owner of an independent record label, RYNO Entertainment in Fort Worth Texas. He was also the starting cornerback and kick returner and punt returner for the Denver Broncos.

Clark and his defense attorneys are still argueing he did not shoot Williams but that he is his gangs “patsy” or fall-guy in all of this. Is there truth in that?

William’s limo was peppered with 17 gunshots; a lot of shots for one person to shoot while two vehicles were driving by one another.

Also, the bullets were of two different calibers. Basically, that alone hints that there had to be at least two shooters. Not only that but the prosecution’s key witness testified that Clark was driving the crime car—how was he able to shoot 17 rounds at another car while driving?

His sentencing includes no possibility to parole, but if he is that insistent on finding a way to clear his name, he will have until year 3162 to find it.


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