Lingerie Football League invades Charm City

Baltimore city has incorporated a new outlook for football as the city is now participating in the Lingerie Football League (LFL) as the Baltimore Charm.

The league is an all-female league where the girls wear lingerie-type uniforms as they play full-contact football.

Over the weekend on May 2, at First Mariner Arena, LFL held tryouts for Baltimore Charm that brought a crowd of girls with bare mid-riffs and showing cleavage with full make-up—but don’t think these girls don’t know how to take a hit or sprint down the field.

Heather Perez plays for the Philadephia Passion. (Picture from

A student at Towson University tried out for the Baltimore Charm after her roommate found an article about it, so they decided to try out together.

” The idea of us being in the LFL started as a joke, but a few weeks after we heard about the league they announced Baltimore tryouts,” Shay Kemble, a senior at Towson, said. “We both wavered back and forth as to whether we should actually go or not, but decided to do it just to say we did it and to see if we were good enough to compete with the other girls.”

About 70 people tried out for the Baltimore Charm Sunday. It will be the newest in the 10-team Lingerie Football League. So far, the LFL has peaked interest in some and caused racy sneers from others.

“I don’t think there is anything wrong with showing off some great abs and I really don’t think the uniforms are that scandalous,” said Kemble.  “I, personally, would feel great to show off an athletic body.  I don’t think it exploits women at all because it is just as much about having skill as about having looks.”

Mitchell S. Mortaza, founder of the lingerie league, said the lingerie is the marketing tool, but in the end the league is about the sport.

“[Mortaza] kept shouting out that he didn’t want any cheerleaders and that he didn’t want any stupid girls.  Girls who couldn’t follow instructions were cut pretty instantly,” said Kemble.

Mortaza believes most professional female sports haven’t done well because there is nothing to draw people in. He notes that his league is profitable and he is starting teams in Europe and Asia over the next two years.

Other teams include the Philadephia Passion, San Diego Seduction, Seattle Mist, Miami Caliente, Tampa Breeze, Los Angeles Temptation, Dallas Desire, Chicago Bliss and Orlando Fantasy.

The Charm will play its four-game season opener on the road starting September 17 against the Philadelphia Passion.

The home opener is scheduled for Oct. 1 against the Tampa Breeze so for all of you Baltimorians out there interested in this league keep that date open.

As far as who is on the team, that has yet to be announced. According to 22-year-old Kemble, the LFL would be calling about 20 girls to be invited to mini-camp this coming Friday through Sunday.  After that, they will narrow down to the best again.

How do all of you feel about this new idea? Is it a good one, or one that exploits women?

“I think it’s more of a change for women’s sports than it is for football in general. The LFL allows women to play football, full contact football.  Not many sports allow women to play full contact.,” said the Dillsburg, PA native.  “I love that it’s an equal playing field with men’s football.

Kemble has played for another social football league before and grew up playing sports in general. Girls from other teams agree with Kemble about this opportunity to play a full-contact sport as seen on LFL’s blog page.

If you think this league is sexist, make sure to check out exactly what these girls go through and you may have your mind swayed.

And just keep in mind, it was considered scandalous when the All-American Girl’s Professional Baseball League was played from 1943-1954 during World War II (watch A League of Their Own for a refresher).


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13 Responses to “Lingerie Football League invades Charm City”

  1. conoonk Says:

    Interesting article.

    Showing off your abs and looks are great, but that should save that for the beach. It is pretty borderline to being scandalous, actually it might just past that line. Another thing is the danger in playing with such minimal gear- definitely more cuts and bruises.

    I guess this is what Mortaza meant by “profitable.” Girls in full pads probably won’t be as attractive to men, who are probably the targeted audience. The fact that the league is called “Lingerie Football League” must tell you something…

    I remember when I played football in high school, we had a girl on our team. She wasn’t as “fit” as the girls in that video, so I wonder how many girls who want to play don’t have the necessary “physiques” to play.

    But I have to say, those girls are pretty intense. Still, I think most guys won’t be thinking about their route running abilities, but rather how good they’re looking.

    • Genna Jean Wittstadt Says:

      Very true. I am torn to be honest. I used to be a big tomboy but yet thought girls had no business playing the same sports as guys–football and wrestling–because there are many physical and mental differences and they should remain well segregated.

      Now, I have tried to be more “girly” and hearing what these girls say about why they do it and who they are have made this easier to relate to. And granted, it IS getting attention, it IS allowing for girls to play football on an even playing field ie. against other girls. And they are the ones who want to play.

      Just interesting.

  2. Tates Says:

    They might even give the Oakland Raiders a good game.

  3. Lingerie Football League invades Charm City « Charm City Sportaholic | Lingerie Beauty Wisdom Says:

    […] Originally posted here: Lingerie Football League invades Charm City « Charm City Sportaholic […]

  4. hlemai Says:

    I like the idea of a woman’s football team. They’ve had them before and not many people are aware of the Independent Women’s Football League . In this league they wear full padding and essentially look like mini men, no offense. As a woman, I don’t like when clothes are made for men, but are given to women-like many employee shirts at retail jobs.

    In this case, though, I think it is appropriate to wear more than just skimpy outfits. It’s a safety issue, as much as it is a statement to respect women.

    I agree with Conook that this excludes women who are not physically thin, but would make good players.

    I disagree with Dillburg’s statement, “I love that it’s an equal playing field with men’s football.”

    I don’t think women can consider themselves equal with men if the only way to attract male audiences is to play wearing skimpy clothing and watch thin girls tackle each other.

    Women will be equal to men on the football field when they don’t have to resort to bare mid-riffs to get more people at the games. It’s really sad that lingerie clad women is the best marketing tool they came up with to draw people into the games.

    I think a better idea would be to make an outfit more feminine looking while making sure they still have the appropriate amount of coverage to prevent major injuries, and even allow average sized women with love handles to play.

    That may not be sexy, but it’d include more women. Women who may not have the flattest bods, and women who are shy about showing off too much skin.

    Besides, sports shouldn’t be about looks. Sports should be about athletic ability.

  5. gametimersnation Says:

    look out for the Seattle Mist!!…..3-1 last season…..4-0 this season!!, let the trash talking begin!!

  6. JC Says:

    In Rugby, there are no pads or helmets…you are worst off playing that than playing in lingerie

  7. trade in game value Says:

    The only thing that is relevant is that Gears of war three kicks off in a week

  8. salami kayode Says:

    i want too be the part of the scrining members that will come on November1 till November4

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