Orioles fire Trembley; Samuel bumped from 3B coach to manager

There have been rumors circulating around Baltimore the past month or so about whether or not the Baltimore Orioles would fire manager Dave Trembley as the O’s continued to sink further into another losing season.

Last night, it crossed through ESPN’s bottom line, but was made official Friday morning that Trembley would no longer be with the Orioles and that third base coach Juan Samuel would be promoted to interim manager.

Even though many fans have been hoping for, guessing it or preparing for the inevitable, the rumors of Trembley being asked to leave were stronger than ever before Thursdays game in New York.

“I think he was never given a fair shot. He was asked to win with a young and undeveloped core surrounded by a bunch of non-tenders and retreads. But it was time for a fresh face and to pu thim out of his misery,” Mark Huber, an avid Baltimore fan said.

Whether he should have been fired or not because of fairness did not pass through many fans minds. They saw a six-game losing streak on the road to Toronto and New York, leaving the O’s with the worst record in MLB at 15-39.

But going off what Huber said, Baltimore fans, we need to remember why Trembley was hired to begin with. He had excellent Minor League coaching experience and was supposed to work on fundamentals and help build and nourish a young team .  Granted there is a major difference between the Minors and Majors (pun intended).

But I think the main problem is the Orioles owner since 1993, Peter Angelos.  Going on 17 seasons, he has been king of the warehouse with the O’s on their 13-season losing steak.

Angelos it seems never wanted to give Trembley that chance to build.  After two and half years of being the manager, Orioles President of baseball Andy MacPhail said that firing Trembley was part of their 2010 “phase two of their rebuilding” process.

MacPhail and company pretty much based Trembley’s  hopes of staying afloat and with the team off  the Orioles win/losses record.

“The results on the field were not what any of us would have hoped for, and I understand that the organization felt the time was right to move in a different direction,” Trembley said in a statement. “While I am disappointed at the outcome, I feel it was a privilege to wear the Orioles uniform each day and I thank all the fans for their tremendous support. I hope the team will soon return to the winning tradition they enjoyed for so many years.”

The Orioles also currently hold the MLB’s record low of 180 runs so far this season, on top of having that worst record.

“[Trembley] wasn’t going to just walk away  and resign because that is not the person he is, but everyone knew that losing was taking its toll on him,” said Huber.

Trembley joined the O’s as interim manager in 2007 after managed the Minors for about 20 years. He walked into a losing team as the O’s were in last place in the AL East with a record of 29-40.

Juan Samuel will now be the interim coach as MacPhail goes on the search for a new manager; to replace Samuel, triple-A Norfolk manager Gary Allenson was named third base coach.


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5 Responses to “Orioles fire Trembley; Samuel bumped from 3B coach to manager”

  1. Sam Says:

    “…firing Trembley was part of their 2010 “phase two of their rebuilding” process…” Haven’t the O’s ALWAYS been in the rebuilding process?? 🙂

  2. Tates Says:

    Received your text

  3. val Says:

    should we go to another game

  4. Arjan Says:

    How do you feel about Bobby V not wanting the job and then the Marlins not wanting Bobby V. Karma always prevails haha

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