2010 NFL power rankings

Tonight it all begins:  football season.

Kicking off first is returning Superbowl Champions, the New Orlean Saints and the Minnesota Vikings.

Before the season gets started though, here is a quick rundown of some of my power rankings of all 32 teams based off of pre- and off- season performances, the top 15 with descriptions:

1. Saints. They might still have a Superbowl hangover, but in tonight’s season opener, they stand to be hte seventh champions to win that first game. With Drew Brees leading his team and Reggie Bush ready to put his about to get stripped Heisman trophy past behind him, the Saints are still as strong as ever and not to be seen as a one and done team.

2. Ravens. Maybe you can call me a little biased. But the Ravens started working one week after they lost in the post-season last year adding new additions in the forms of coaches and players. Baltimore has always been known as a defense heavy team, but with Anquan Boldin, Donte Stallworth and now T.J. Houshmandzadeh on their roster, Baltimore is going to see their leader, Joe Flacco, use more than Ray Rice, who is also NFL,one of the best running backs in the league.

3. Jets. Sure, we all call them the “Northern Ravens” down here in Charm city, but you have to hand it to Rex Ryan and his men.I am not a big Mark Sanchez fan–but he works well with his teammates and they also put a lot of work in their off- and pre-season. The first Monday night football game against Baltimore and the Jets is going to start the season off to a great start.

4. Colts. There is no denying this team is going to be a deep threat for every other team in the NFL. Peyton Manning is one of the best QBs out there based off his intelligence and athleticism. The Colts work well together as a team and seem almost impeccable.

5. Bengals. Who doesn’t know about the Bengals off-season pickup? The question is, can the two biggest attention whores in the NFL share the lime-light? Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson and T.O. are going to be a dangerous threat to every other defense out there. During pre-season match-ups, TO seemed to be able to play well with his new team. Maybe all he needed was a friend to tell him to “play nicely with others.”

6. Cowboys. Dallas is worth the most out of any other team in the NFL and they are not afraid to show it and make sure everyone else knows it. Add to the fact that the Superbowl is going to be played in Dallas this year, they are going to work all season to get that home field advantage. Their pre-season showings didn’t impress too much, but with the Cowboys talent from both sides of the ball, don’t let that fool  you.

7. Steelers. Even with Big Ben out for the first four games, the team will still have Dixon as their starting QB. And Baltimore fans remember that this once third string QB gave us a run for our money last season when the Steelers lost at M&T but not without a fight.

8. Vikings. Adrian Peterson. Jared Allen. Two of the best players out there on opposite sides of the ball. Their main missing link is is WR Sidney Rice. Can they make up for his absence while  undergoing hip surgery?

9. Chargers. The team most forget. Every year, San Diego flounces in and somehow makes it to post-season and trumps teams unexpectantly. Phillip Rivers is still leading the team, but the main concern is going to be how well his offensive line is going to hold up without LT Marcus McNeill.

10. Packers. Aaron Rogers is already one of the better QBs out there in only his third starting season with Green Bay. But the Packers have a great passing history; what they don’t have is a great back defense and they are going up against a lot of great offenses this year.

11. Patriots. Recent news this morning on well-known QB Tom Brady being involved in a car accident in Boston. Even though uninjured, is this going to deter his passing game in the future?

12.Giants. The Giants might be having problems on defense, but their offense is still one of the best with Steve Smith catching passes from Eli Manning.

13. Eagles. They lost many players in the off-season, notably their QB to their rivals, the Washington Redskins. New starting QB, Kevin Kolb, seems comfortable in his new role; but their defense is questionable.

14. Titans.  They might still be a growing team, but with Vince Young leading Tennessee and with one of the best running backs in the league (Chris Johnson), they are not a team to look past.

15. Dolphins. Picking up WR Brandon Marshall was a smart move on their part, but Miami needs more options on offense to throw to or Marshall is going to find himself getting tag teamed every game.

16. Texans
17. 49s
19. Redskins
20. Cardinals
21. Broncos
22. Bears
23. Panthers
24 Raiders
25. Lions
26. Jaguars
27. Chiefs
28. Browns
29. Bills
30. Buccaneers
31. Seahawks
32. Rams


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One Response to “2010 NFL power rankings”

  1. Tates Says:

    Colts and Bengals take one on the chin today. Steelers luck out.

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