NFL week one games: Recap

Football season is officially here as the first Sunday of the season has come and gone.

In case you might have missed some of the games, here is a quick recap of each game to keep you up to speed.

Steelers vs. Falcons

The team we love to hate played a pretty tentative game Sunday afternoon against Atlanta, who also seemed hesitant. The game was a slow, FG kind of game. Both kickers even were having an off day as Pittsburgh’s Reed was 2-4 for the day, including a missed FG going into halftime with 17 seconds to go (the ball would hit the post and bounce away).  But the Falcons were on the same page as the Steelers; despite Falcons QB Matt Ryan throwing a strong pass down the middle late in the second  quarter, Atlanta can’t get a TD to pull ahead. Kicker Bryant does make it through the posts this time (he missed an earlier 46  yard attempt) to tie the score at 3-3 going into the second half.

In the end, with “mighty mouse” Hines Ward and Redman making big catches and picking up a few yards to help the once third string QB, Dennis Dixon gave the Steelers the advantage to win.  Late in the fourth quarter,  Lofton and Bierhmann take down Dixon, making it seem like the Falcons could pull away; but an interception by Troy Polamero led the Steelers to another FG attempt which Reed misses, going too far to the right with the 40-yard attempt, sending the game into overtime.

But it was Mendenhall who took the game away from Atlanta in overtime with a TD; final score 15-9.

Falcons player to keep an eye on: Roody White, who had 13 catches and 111 yards.

Titans vs. Raiders

With the Titans, you can’t hold back RB Chris Johnson and QB Vince Young for too long. The Raiders rallied against Tennessee for a good while in the first half, or so it seemed. Passing yards for the Raiders in the first half was a -8, while the Titans were at 85. Both not impressing, especially when the Titans RB, Johnson averages about 125.4 yards a game and had 36 going into the second half.

But N. Washington drew first blood with the first TD of the game which propelled the Titans later to win against Oakland 38-13.

Both QB’s, Young and Campbell, played rookie-esq. If  either team wants to improve, their leaders need to step up their own game a little better.

Denver vs. Jaguars

Denver QB Kyle Orton is not impressing in his opening game. He is still looking rough around the edges–when will the Broncos start putting in their future “superstar” Tim Tebow?

Denver only had 117 yards in the first quarter, and followed the Jags with a TD to tie with them–embarrassing to tie the game to one of the lower ranked teams this late in the game…and as I write this, the Jags score once more.

But the Broncos offense played with ease as they danced around the Jaguars defense and spun away from tackle after tackle to get down the field. The Jags don’t hold back too much either; Jags QB Girrard throws for the first TD of the game.

With eight minutes to go in the game, the score is 17-24 and would remain so as the Broncos handed the Jags their first victory.

Bengels vs. Patriots

Pats QB Tom Brady showed he was not too shook up from the car accident he was involved in Thursday, September 9. Brady, along with Reggie Wayne and the rest of the New England crew ran the ball and the field all over the Bengels as they came away with the win 38-24.

The Bengels did not seem to click well together despite the addition of well-known Terrell Owens (TO). It seemed as if QB Carson Palmer relied a little to much on his new receiver and not on his old one (Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson). Going into the half, the score was 24-3; very not like Cincinnati.  How will the game against the Ravens go next week?

Speaking of the Ravens games, QB Tom Brady was noted to saying “he hates the New York Jets and refused to watch them on HBO’s “Hard Knocks,” acknowledged that he will tune in to Monday’s showdown between the team and the Baltimore Ravens.

“Yeah, I’m watching that one. There’s no doubt,” Brady said. “It’s two of the better teams in the league playing, with the Jets and Baltimore, so I’m gonna do some good scouting on them. I want to see what the Jets are all about. Really, I want to — with all the talk — if they can back it up.”

Browns vs. Buccaneers

Hillis is the spotlight on this game as he ran into the endzone right before the half making the score 14-10, Browns. However, the Bucs would walk away with the game ending 14-17.

Colts vs. Texans

This should have been what some predicted an easy win for Indianapolis. At first, it seemed like it would with QB Peyton Manning throwing passes over the Texans; but in the end, the Texans overcome the mighty team from the mid-west making the score 20-10 in the fourth quarter. The final score: 24-34.

Lions vs. Bears

What was one of the most bizarre games Sunday was this one against Chicago and Detroit. With a few seconds to go in the game, Calvin Johnson catches  what would have been a game winning TD that would later be disputed whether or not he in actuality caught the ball in bounds before letting go of  possession of the ball in early celebration. The refs ended up not counting the catch, and the Bears walk away with it 14-19.

Dolphins vs. Bills

You would think the spotlight would be on Brandon Marshall for Miami this game, but it would be Brown with the TD from QB Chad Henne doing work against Buffalo. The final score: 15-10 Miami.

Giants vs. Panthers

Curious to see how North Carolina would hold up without their defensive power man, Julius Peppers who was traded in the off-season, and with a new QB after releasing Jake Delhomme; this game was actually one of the few decent games on Sunday at first.

But the Giants might have started slow, with the score only 3-7 (Giants) after the first quarter, but they picked up momentum in the second half and ended the game 18-31 against the Panthers.

Packers vs. Eagles

QB for the Packers, Aaron Rogers seemed at ease as he smiled between plays. However, Green Bay only had 8/55 pass completion, but compared to the Eagles 1/10 pass completion, they did not seem to worried. Big noteworthy play during the game that I would have to say was the best out of all Sunday games was Jennings one handed catch–he also had a TD catch from Rogers late in the third with two minutes  making the score 27-10 going into the fourth quarter.

Eagles dynamite receiver Desean Jackson did not make much of an appearance Sunday as he had zero catches in the first half. But Macklin  scored a TD in the fourth to help keep the Eagles alive, but not enough as the Packers won 27-17.

Eagles QB Kevin Kolb played a decent game before getting sidelined with an injury. Michael Vick claimed during post game press conference that had he played more, the Eagles might have won the game, but his drop backs: 23, sacks:1 and knock downs: 3.

Cowboys vs. Redskins

Cowboys started this game in typical Dallas fashion: start off slow and pick it up in the second half. But the Skins kept up with the Cowboys, showing the caliber of a team they are now. They do, however, need to start playing a bit better with their new leader as QB Donovan McNabb’s passes were on point as he is used to having a better offense to throw to.

But the Skins D held strong against the rallying Cowboys. Redskins DeAngelo Hall returned a fumble 32 yards for a touchdown to end the first half, marking the only TD in the game.

With a last few minutes in the game moving down the field, Cowboys QB Tony Romo would almost cinch the game in the last few seconds with a TD catch to Roy Williams, only to have it be no good with a flag on the play due to a holding call on Alex Barron, the 12th penalty for the Cowboys, costing Dallas the game and 91 yards throughout the whole game.


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One Response to “NFL week one games: Recap”

  1. Chris Ross Says:

    Great post here, I really enjoyed reading it. Opening week of the NFL was of course a really great weekend that gave us lots of surprises. The one thing that wasn’t much of a surprise to me though was the Raiders. I really don’t think that Jason Campbell has the makings of a quarterback that can lead his team anywhere. The Raiders were dominated by the Titans on both sides of the ball and I think the only thing that is going to get significantly better for the Raiders is their defense not their offense. Also, you think you could check out my blog cuz I really wanna hear your thoughts on my thoughts.

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