Top 15 NFL week 2 power rankings

The teams to look out for in week two:

1. Saints.
They still remain the top team. Strong and steady on both sides of the ball, it is going to take a lot to knock last seasons World Champs off their journey to a second year to getting a ring in a row.

2. Packers
Aaron Rogers remained at ease and confident during this past weeks game. He knows who to throw to and how to prevent too many turnovers. And if Jennings keeps up with more passes like that one handed one he had last week, the rest of the division should be worried. However, the Packers were only 8/55 pass completions so need to step that game up against better competitors.

3. Ravens
Baltimore dropped down one this week for me. Yes, they won but they won a messy game against a sloppy defense. Anquan Boldin took the game winning ball against the Jets with 7 catches and 111 yards. But QB Joe Flacco needs to remember to look up and out and expand on the offense he has in front of him and not rely on the rushing yards (Ravens only had 49).

4. Colts
Even though Indianapolis lost to the Texans, they are still a strong team that can’t go under the wire. Peyton Manning always pulls through and this coming weeks game, I predict he will pull his team to a win.

5. Vikings
Sure, they lost. But holding strong against the reigning champs shows how much caliber they have on offense and defense.

6. Patriots.
New England seemed to possibly start slow this season, but taking out Cincinnati and making them look like rookies shows they deserve a better ranking than originally predicted.

7. Texans
After beating the Colts, who else will they dance circles around the next few weeks?

8. Cowboys
Yes, they lost to the Redskins and did not seem to really show up to play on Sunday night. But let’s be serious. Dallas has always been a team to start slow and end with a bang. Do not underestimate the Cowboys this early in the season.

9. Titans
Playing slow at first, and though QB Vince Young played a bit rookie-esq, they still have Chris Johnson (despite his limited yards last week when he normally averages about 125.4 yards per game).

10. Jets
The Jets are not as bad as they seemed on Monday. They clean up their game, quit committing so many penalties and they will start talking more smack as they show just how “hard knock” a life they will give to their opponents.

11. Steelers
Without Big Ben, they had barely any offensive impressive moments. But Dennis Dixon did the best he could—will Pittsburgh rally on to at least score a TD in regular play?

12. Bengals.
As poorly as they played, the Ravens better watch out this week against TO and Chad Ochocinco Johnson. They don’t like to lose, especially the way they did on Sunday.

13. Redskins
Impressive plays by Coach Mike Shanahan’s team. Able to hold back Tony Romo, what else are they capable of? And once the Skins offense can catch up with QB Donovan McNabb, the Skins will be a threat to their division.

14. Falcons.
The Steelers and Falcons might not have impressed to much in their season opener, but Matt Ryan and the gang from Atlanta will be a threat against the Cardinals in week two.

15. Eagles.
The Eagles seemed to start to pull it together once Michael Vick came in for side-lined Kevin Kolb. He claimed they would have played better had he been in the game more; we will see if that is true in week two for Philly.


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One Response to “Top 15 NFL week 2 power rankings”

  1. NestMinder Says:

    Ravens will at least double their rushing yards this week against the Bungles. Book it.

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