Jeter the Cheater?

The New York Yankees captain and short stop Derek Jeter caused controversy in the 7th inning during the Yanks game against Tampa  Bay Rays Wednesday night with a “fake-out” while at bat.

What terrific acting, Jeter! Did we miss something on your resume that said you also starred in some Broadway plays?

Probably not. The supposed ball that hit Jeter was inside, and Jeter proceeded to jump and writhe in pain as if he did get hit.  And the rules of baseball allow the player up at bat to take a base if the pitcher hits them with the ball. So Jeter, even though he did not actually get hit with the ball [though he acted as if he did] should still get to take the base, right?

Of course he did. He milked getting hit by the ball that really hit the butt of his bat before hitting him. And the ump told Jeter to take the base. When asked later why Jeter was not honest and took the base anyway, he basically said why not?

“He told me to go to first base. I’m not going to tell him I’m not going to first, you know,” Jeter said. He said the “vibration” of the ball is what caused him to act out the way he did and even admitting to “acting a bit.”

The result of Jeter on base would result in a 2-run homer by Curtis Granderson, making the score 3-2 Yanks.

However, the idiom of “cheaters never win”  will prove true as the Rays will go on to win the game after TB Rays Dan Johnson hits a 2-run shot in the last inning to win make the score 4-3, and are now the top team in the AL east.

For baseball fans out there, this move resembles the college baseball game in 2007 against Ole Miss and Arkansas.

Arkansas’ Brian Walker out-acted Jeter’s performance but this time the ump did not buy  into his “getting hit” performance and proceeded to throw Walker out after Walker threw a tantrum (which was a better acting job then his “fake hit” act…or maybe because that was real?)

Then again, the Yanks lost anyway.  And would you tell the ump “I actually don’t think I should go to the base.” Oh the politics of the sporting world.  But the question is, did he really cheat? Or would you call it “gamesmanship”?


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5 Responses to “Jeter the Cheater?”

  1. Tates Says:

    Hey Genna, how about the original Jeter Cheater. The third out that became a homerun and beat the O’s.

  2. Bryan Says:

    Acting is part of the game, all the way up from little league to the pros. If a ball beats you to the base 99% of the time that person will be out as long as you sell it. So it’s not really cheating when everyone in baseball in that situation would have done the same thing in order to help their team win. It should say Jeter the team player not a cheater, and if people are team players then they will give it their all and yes even “lie” “act” what ever. It’s in every other sport as well, the worst in soccer. I’m not trying to compare baseball and soccer (cause it’s a joke in America but that’s another argument). And i could even probably find some footage of the great Oriole Cal Ripken Jr doing this same thing. If the Umpire, ref, or whatever gives you upside of something why would you argue when your team couple potentially win.

    • Bryan Says:

      could not couple my bad

    • Genna Jean Wittstadt Says:

      I agree with that—that is why the headline has a “?” and a the article ends with a question. It is interesting to me to see how people respond to what he did. Did he cheat? The refs and umps of the game are the ones calling the shots, so of course when told to do something why not take the base. But should you be a good sport and say no? Who would? We can all point fingers but in the end would be honestly have been “honest” or done exactly what Jeter did.

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