Around the League in 80 seconds…week 2

In case you missed the news, sportscenter, or any other ESPN/news program, you might have missed some headline making news covering the NFL in the past two days.

Injuries, arrests and deaths.  Heavy stuff and not the way any fan wants to begin the season.

First, the tragic death of Denver Broncos WR Kenny McKinley. McKinley was found Monday in his home from apparent suicide from a gun wound.

The promising wide receiver was a young 23-years old and the father of a baby boy. As of now, there are no reasons of why or what may have happened to have caused this only two weeks into the season. Some speculations are McKinley’s current injuries or maybe money.

McKinley’s agent, Andrew Bondarowicz, said family and friends are at a loss to explain the death of a young man “who had such a love for life.”

“Everybody has their explanations, their own theories. Whether it was injuries, no one’s going to know for sure,” Bondarowicz said. “It’s a tough situation all the way around.

“Some people speculate that it was his being injured, some said it was financial challenges. … It’s a tragic situation.”


The Hard Knock life of a DWI The New York Jets have been loud and proud of the progress they have made over the past few years.  After this summer’s show “A Hard Knock Life” featuring the team, they made it clear they intended to make moves and dominate the field this season.

However,  WR Braylon Edwards must have started celebrating early after the Jets big win over the New England Patriots on Sunday after being arrested for a DWI on Tuesday morning.

He was pulled over due to the tinting of his SUV’s windows, and when the police on scene smelled alcohol, had him use a breathalyzer; he blew a .16 which is two times the legal limit.

The Jets and the league are going to have to go over Edwards past to determine whether or not he will be fined or suspended based off their substance abuse policy.


Ravens assistant coach arrested for DUI

Andy Moeller, the Ravens assistant offensive line coach, was pulled over for speeding Saturday, September 18 on the Baltimore Beltway around 1 a.m. and was arrested after for driving under the influence.

This is not Moeller’s first offense with driving and alcohol; he also had one four months ago as well as in 2007 in Michigan.

Moeller was at the game with the Ravens on Sunday against the Bengals, where they lost 15-10.


Quarterback issues

The Steelers sure have had bad luck with their quarterbacks this season. Dennis Dixon was the starting QB for Pittsburgh while Ben Roethlisberger was out due to his suspension after the alleged raping of a girl in Georgia back in May.

However, Dixon injured his left knee in the 19-11 victory over the Tennessee Titans on Sunday. After examinations, it was decided Dixon would have to undergo surgery and would be out anywhere between 3-6 weeks…goodbye season.

With Roethlisberger out for another two weeks, the Steelers might have to reach down to their number four QB, Charlie Batch, who finished the game on Sunday after Dixon left the game. The only other QB for the Steelers currently is Byron Leftwich, but he has not played since injuring himself during the Sept. 2 exhibition game.


No Moore waiting for Clausen

The Carolina Panthers have had QB issues for a few seasons now. Letting go of Jake Delhomme after last season, they thought they could do better with Matt Moore.

However, after Moore’s six turnovers and Carolina’s 0-2 start, Panthers Coach John Fox announced Monday that the second-round pick from Notre Dame will start Sunday’s game against Cincinnati.

Jimmy Clausen showed a lot of talent and could be exactly what the Panthers need, even though he surprisingly was the 48th draft pick, due to attitude problems.

Just one day before Clausen’s 23rd birthday, he heard the news that he would be starting in the NFL as a QB.

“I’ve dreamt it for my whole life, to be a starting quarterback in the National Football League,” said Clausen, who went unbeaten in high school and was one of the nation’s top college recruits before playing in the Notre Dame spotlight. “It’s real exciting, but at same time it’s a job. You’ve got to go prepare.”

Clausen will be leading the NFL’s 28th ranked offense and try to get them away from a second year in a row of going 0-3 as they travel to Cincinnati this coming Sunday.


Young remains starting QB

The Tennessee Titans have not made much progress this season so far despite the abilities of RB Chris Johnson and QB Vince Young.

Jeff Fisher ended up taking out and benching Young during the game against the Steelers on Sunday due to a very poor offense; with seven turnovers—including two interceptions and a fumble by Young—Fisher felt like some action was necessary. Back up QB Kerry Collins finished the game.

After the game, Fisher announced he did plan to keep Young as his starting QB for the rest of the season.


Eagles back and forth on their starting QB

Despite Michael Vick’s declaration after the first game that the Philadephia Eagles would win had he played in the game longer, and then winning the game against the Lion’s in the second week, the Eagles originally decided to keep QB Kevin Kolb as their starting QB after he was sidelined with an injury.

Kolb was cleared to practice after missing that second half of the season-opening loss to Green Bay last week and Sunday’s win over Detroit because of a concussion.

Coach Andy Reid said on Monday he believed they will be a better team with Vick as a back-up QB and as a wide receiver instead of starting quarterback.

However—as of Tuesday evening, Reid changed his mind and now decided to keep Vick as the Eagles starter saying that Kolb had simply been beaten out by “an ex-superstar who now has regained his abilities.”



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