Baltimore fans no longer wacco for Flacco

The Ravens met their division rivals Sunday afternoon and lost in another sloppy game to the Cincinnati Bengals 15-10.

With such a high-powered offense, there was not a lot to brag about in this game. Was the Bengals defense that good? That does not account for QB Joe Flacco not looking comfortable or fluid this game or last weeks against the Jets.

Many fans out there the past few days have been crying to “bench Flacco” and to “bring in Bulger.” Many Baltimoreans are not happy with losing and the fact that Flacco threw four interceptions against the Bengals and another against the Jets—five picks just two games in makes Baltimore very unhappy.

These errors were costly in yards, turnovers and production as Flacco, very uncharacteristically, completed only 48.1 percent of his passes for 402 yards in the past two games (he was 13/34 for 85 yards on Sunday).  He only threw for one TD, but had five interceptions and a fumble.

“Hey, four interceptions is too much,” Coach John Harbaugh, who plans on keeping Flacco as his starter, said Monday. “It’s not just the QB…Joe will be the first to tell you he wants to play better. So, I’m not going to stand up  here and single one guy out.”

True statement the offensive line couldn’t pass protect and Baltimore’s promising offense just could not seem to get open against Leon Hall, Pacman Jones and Johnathon Joseph, or when they did would fail to catch the ball.

However, there were many times that Flacco would look only to his left and throw into heavy coverage and not look right; one time he missed what could have been a wide open TD pass to WR TJ Houshmandzadeh had he looked that way.

Baltimore also was and still is in an uproar with the officiating. The “Tom Brady rule #83: penalize the defense on a dumb call in favor of the QB” was seen not once but twice in Sunday’s game. The first was against LB Ray Lewis, when he was tripped and rolled and then he ended up tripping Bengals QB Carson Palmer.

The second was an even worse call against OLB Terrell Suggs for roughing the passer when it was very clear a legal hit to Palmer in the strike zone. Coach Harbaugh was very animated with that call when he demonstrated his feelings to the line ref, which would cause him to be fined (both penalties resulted in two FG’s for the Bengals).

Even Lewis had quite a bit to say about the six points he claims the Ravens lost due to the officiating, causing them the game:

But despite all the bad throws and mistakes on offense and the outlandish calls by the refs, there were positives in the Ravens game Sunday.

For two games now, Baltimore has not allowed a single TD. Not one. Every point the Jets and Bengals scored was through their kickers. Consider how well and high scoring the Jets played against the Patriots, causing even New England QB,Tom Brady, to announce “we sucked.”

And the Bengals have a very stacked offense. RB Cedric Benson is the eighth best RB in the NFL, and has had six games with over 100 yards.  Don’t forget about their WR either (though through twitter, TV shows, interviews, etc. not many people are able to NOT know who they are). Terrell Owens and Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson are two of the better known WR in the NFL and have the points and yards on the board to prove it.

However, Baltimore held off four passes to these players in the redzone on Sunday. Neither of them scored a TD.

What about that 31-yard TD perfect in stride throw to Derek Mason over Bengals Johnathon Joseph by Flacco?

What about the 2,971 yards and 14 TD’s he threw his rookie year, and the 3,613 yards and 16 TD’s he threw last season?

Remember he is also the first rookie QB in the NFL to win two play off games, and the eighth rookie QB to start in a playoff game. After those two years in the NFL, Flacco was ranked third all-time in Ravens history for attempts (927), completions (572), yards (6,584) and touchdowns (35).

Are you ready to throw all that away, Baltimore? Sure, Flacco threw away the game to the Bengals. If he doesn’t improve, maybe Harbaugh will use two-time Pro bowl select QB Marc Bulger.

But for now, stand by your team, quit being sore losers and look at the positive and look forward. One game isn’t going to break us.


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One Response to “Baltimore fans no longer wacco for Flacco”

  1. coachkb222 Says:

    ray knows how to get to the dance,but he will need the help of the whole team to get to the bowl

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