Ravens retired early, gave game away to Patriots in 23-20 loss

The Baltimore Ravens gave a lot of hope and excitement for this 2010 season based off of off-season actions, but so far, many fans have been none to pleased with the 4-2, 2-1 record.

Coming off two big games–one being a huge 17-14 win against the Pittsburgh Steelers with a touchdown throw to T.J. Houshmandzadeh with 32-seconds left in the game in week 4, and eating the Denver Broncos alive in week 5 winning 31-17—Baltimore fans should be more than happy with their team.

But nonetheless, every talk show Sunday afternoon and Monday morning was full of fans bashing the Ravens and their performance after the Ravens basically gave away week 6’s game against the Patriots as they fell 23-20 in overtime.

The first three quarters of the game, the Ravens seemed that they would walk away with the win as they navigated the field in uncharted territory–not an easy feat at Foxborough, one of the hardest fields to travel to.

The Ravens were ten up for at least half of the game and in the third, with the score 20-10, the game should have been a slam dunk.

Key words: should have been. In the fourth quarter, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady connected and sparked the fire between the returned Deion Branch, who had nine receptions for 98 yards–seven  of which were in the fourth.

Branch’s first grab in the fourth quarter was a 5-yard touchdown four minutes in, cutting that “should have been a slam dunk” lead 20-17.

The Patriots defense caused the Ravens to punt; then with the help of four more catches by Branch, managed to get down to the Baltimore 3rd yard line, but was forced to settle for kicker Steven Gostkowski’s 24-yard field goal to tie the game with less than two minutes left in the game.

Overtime offense from Baltimore was about as exciting as vanilla ice cream, and they left fans with a bowl full of melted hope as Gostkowski would take the field and score the winning FG with about two minutes left in the game.

As far as stats go, the teams were fairly equal. Brady was 27 of 44 passes for 292 yards and one touchdown. For the Ravens, Joe Flacco completed 27 of 35 passes for 285 yards and two touchdowns.

But the thing to question would be the Ravens pass rush; it was barely able to contain  the Patriots slow moving offense–but the small passes and runs moved the chains for the Pats to get down the field and get the win against the Ravens for the sixth straight regular season victory.

Side-note for Flacco–he is now the Ravens leading passer; with 7,985 passing yards in his 38th game, he passed Kyle Boller, who had 7,846 in 53 games.



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One Response to “Ravens retired early, gave game away to Patriots in 23-20 loss”

  1. Conoonk Says:

    The sad thing is the Ravens had SO MANY opportunities to win the game.

    Then again, that may be a great thing. It shows we’re a talented team with the ability to beat anybody. We just need to overcome penalties, 1-on-1 battles, and inconsistencies.

    Having Ed Reed back is the best news we’ve had in a while.

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