About: Who is the sportaholic?

I remember being young, in elementary school, and insisting on staying up late to watch the end of any Duke, North Carolina or Maryland basketball games with my family.

I didn’t always make it the whole game, but I distinctly remember being half-asleep while listening to Dicky V hollering one of his “DIAPER DANDY” like phrases as I fought precious sleep to watch the game.

Basically–I love sports. Why not?

Playing wise: basketball, lacrosse, softball, soccer, tennis, volleyball and more recreationally.

Watching and commentating: there is no limit.

What the site is about: As much as I love sports, even I had to start somewhere. I’m still learning all the technical terms and players and stats. But not everyone cares about all of that information.

But for those people out there who are interested in the game, just minimally: I want YOU to read my blog.

This is “Sports for Balti-Morons”…those who might not understand it all but want to know the basics. I got your back.

Maybe I should back up a little bit and let yall know who I am.  I live in Baltimore, Md. and graduated from Towson University May 2010,  with a double major of  public relations and journalism.  I also used to go to East Carolina University and am still very much a pirate.


Last game of the 2008 year.


As you can see from the pictures, I am that fan that you will find obnoxiously cheering, dressed in as much orange and black or purple depending on the game. Yeah, I’m what you would call your embarrassing friend–I prefer the term true fan.

Obviously, I am a Raven’s and Orioles fan. But I also follow the Carolina Tarheels basketball (though I love my Terps—always a hometown girl), the Washington Caps and Philly Flyers–and East Carolina of course!

I interned for a few months  at a local sports radio station, WNST AM 1570–check it out they also air worldwide on their website www.wnst.net

In Fall 2010, I did sideline reporting for local high school sports at http://timonium.patch.com/

Please leave comments and debate with me, I love nothing more than ‘sports fights’ with fellow obsessed sports fanatics.

Enjoy the site, let me know any ideas you’d like to hear about, or just anything in general. If you need to contact me with ideas, or would like me to feature you or a friend or team on the site, shoot me a message at:

gwitts1@gmail.com, facebook me or follow me on twitter.

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6 Responses to “About: Who is the sportaholic?”

  1. Lara Wittstadt Says:

    who is that hot girl on the right?

  2. Rock The Boat Says:

    Hello there.

  3. conoonk Says:

    Great site. Very clean and simple.

    It’s always awesome to find fellow Ravens fans.
    Based on your archives, your blog seems fairly new. I actually started my own fan page recently and would love to do a blogroll exchange. Would be cool to see how our pages grow.

    Regardless, I’ll be visiting often to read more of your “Baltimoron” content.


    • Genna Jean Wittstadt Says:

      Thanks! That is the exact mentality I was going for when creating the blog–simple, clean and easy to navigate and read.

      Let me know what your blog site is, would be happy to add you to my blogroll and converse more in the future.

  4. Fighting for a cause; MMA fighter raising money for cystic fibrosis | Charm City Sportaholic | WNST Says:

    […] About the Sportaholic […]

  5. sportsjim81 Says:

    Just came across your site after clicking through others and it’s great. Glad to find a fellow Charm City sports fan. I love sports and writing about sports and that is the theme that my blog will take on soon. But first, I’m using my page to chronicle my journey to complete 30 things before I turn 30. Some are sports related, others not so much. I hope you’ll check it out and we can talk Baltimore sports sometime!

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