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Happy Hour with miss Sportaholic: a local Bartending adventure

May 16, 2010

[It was suggested to me that I should start a weekly post on random occurrences around the great Charm City.

Whether it be a funny video, a sweet story about a local, a bar scene to hit up or just anything in general, miss charm city sportaholic will be bringing that to you.

If any of you have suggestions that you would like to see added to my site, let me know! I take all suggestions into consideration and love the feedback from everyone. Cheers!]

Some of the fine ladies of Serafino's that will be in attendance Sunday, May 16.

Every sports fan loves a good drink to go with the game. And after a win or loss, well win or lose the best fans still booze!

Tonight, your very own Charmcity Sportaholic will be slinging drinks back behind local Ellicott City bar, Serafino’s.

There will be beer pong and super Mario Kart 64 as well as myself and Stephen Gruss—the infamous bartender who asked me to guest bar-tend.

Will this be an interesting night? You bet.

And with the O’s playing their third game against Cleveland—and trying to win so they can take the series—you might want to stop by for a drink on your way home.

Friday night, the O’s had a tremendous game, winning 8-1 with help from recently called up Corey Patterson when he had one hell of a catch that would have been a home run.

However, Saturday the O’s fell 8-2 to the Indians. So tonight is the night for the O’s and for you to come to Serafino’s to either celebrate the O’s finally starting to get it together, or drown you sorrows with 13 drinks—one for every season the O’s have disappointed us.

For all of you lovely people out there enjoying the beautiful day at Wine in the Woods, stop by and say hello.

What is your favorite drink? I will start preparing now 🙂

And remember—win or lose, a true fan will still booze. Cheers!