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Ravens don’t mix personal lives with business; how do sports affect our lives?

February 16, 2010

Many fans of this city’s beloved football team have all dealt with the stereotypes of who that team is.

A team of thugs.

Baltimore is well-known for having many of its players have a criminal past during their career and before. Many people choose to not be a fan of the Ravens simply because of this.

But this offseason, owner Steve Bisciotti noted that when they choose their next seasons players on who to draft and pick up, they aren’t going to look for who has a clean record.

“You’re not going to have 53 angels, and you probably wouldn’t have a very good team if you had 53 angels,” said Bisciotti during a state of the team press conference.

“I’m probably the biggest risk-taker,” said Bisciotti . “I like the fact that [head coach John Harbaugh, team president Dick Cass and general manager Ozzie Newsome] care about our image, and they pull me back from the rail because I’m ready to take chances on people. I really am. I think that’s kind of what life is about and I think there are opportunities like that.”

Ray Lewis' mugshot in 2000

When you look at the Ravens records of players with a past, you might be more surprised then you thought. Most have heard of Ray Lewis’ murder charge, remember Jamal Lewis serving time for drug charges, and recently Terrell Suggs’ domestic violence dispute that was dropped last week.

Now, the team is looking into possible off-season talking to wide receivers Brandon Marshall of the Denver Broncos and the San Diego Chargers’ Vincent Jackson, have had repeated offenses with the law. Will this add to the Ravens’ reputation of being a team of criminals?

But should this matter? It has shown how sports can change a kids life…help keep them off the streets, away from drugs and make them feel important to a big group so they don’t want to let them down.

Couldn’t this same idea be placed on these players?

Donaldson and Ronan  in their study using a Youth self-Report tried to determine if there was a connection between playing sports and behavior in youth.  They realized that “some less well-behaved youth may have been ‘gated’ at early stages and prevented from participating in more organized sports.” (Donaldson and Ronan, 2006).

Results indicated a negative correlation between the “number of formal sports, length of participation in formal sports and reduced social and externalizing problems” (Donaldson and Ronan, 2006).

Can sports change a life? I believe it can, whether it is playing or watching your favorite player and looking up to that person.

How have sports changed you, and did a coach, parent or teammate make a difference in your life?



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Ravens press conference today; offseason updates

February 3, 2010

Today at 2 p.m. there is going to be a press conference with Raven’s Steve Bisciotti, Ozzie Newsome,  John Harbaugh and Dick Cass to talk about what to look ahead for and what to expect for Baltimore.

Baltimore has already started making moves to prepare for the future of the team with the hiring of two new coaches. About two weeks ago, they hired a new linebacker coach, Dean Pees, to replace Vic Fangio.  Pees used to be the defensive coordinator for the New England Patriots.

A quick update on who Pees is from previous blog: Pees was the head coach of Kent College from 1998-2003, where he then moved up to be the LB coach at NE in 2004 and 2005; he has been their defensive coordinator until the end of this season. Under his coaching, the Patriots this 2009 season were ranked 11th in the NFL after only allowing 320.2 yards per game. Some of the names recognizable under Pees at the Patriots are Tedy Bruschi, Ted Johnson and Willie McGinest. Pees also ironically was Baltimore’s John Harbaugh’s coach when Harbaugh was a Hurricane, where he played defensive back at Miami U.

Last week, the Ravens also took to their staff a new quarterback coach—a name certainly most sports fans have heard of. Former Washington Redskins head coach, Jim Zorn, filled another vacant coaching spot for Baltimore. Was this a good move?

According to blog writer, Mike Duffy, ‘Zorn brings an impressive resume of a professional playing career that spanned from 1976-87, an 11-year stint as a quarterbacks coach and two years as head coach of the Washington Redskins.’

“Jim played successfully in the NFL for a long time,” said head coach John Harbaugh. “He knows what quarterbacks go through in this league. He has been a quarterbacks coach and a head coach, and he is familiar with our offense. That’s a great résumé. I’ve gotten to know Jim for the last couple of years, and I have been impressed with him as a person. He’s a good, decent man, and he will be an excellent addition to the Ravens. This is an exciting addition to our staff.”

Keep in mind that while Zorn might not have been great head coach material, he had much better stats as a Qb coach and could be just what Joe Flacco needs to get him to be a QB to go toe to toe against veteran QB’s such as Big Ben in Steeler country.

Other news, according to John Eisenberg, a reporter for, are which players are up for grabs and who is returning?

Are Ed Reed and Derrick Mason retiring? Unlikely, at least I hope. We could use Mason and Reed’s steady and reliable performance on the field.

Eisenburg, in his report: “But I expect the Ravens to navigate these uncertain waters with relative aplomb. They’re pretty good at the offseason. Teams understandably get a lot of attention for how they fare on the field, but there is a parallel NFL universe that unfolds beyond the public’s view, behind closed doors, where teams scout, draft, manage their finances and generally put one foot in front of the other as a business. It’s a critically important realm that obviously impacts how things play out on the field, and a few teams are known for excelling in it, for operating soundly and methodically from year to year.

The Ravens rank high on the list of teams that fare well behind the scenes. They’re known for being shrewd drafters, for managing their finances appropriately, for generally making sound decisions. They’re deliberate and methodical as opposed to rash, an approach that tends to pay dividends later, on the field.”

Everyone knows we need wide receivers. Will that affect Baltimore’s current free agent wide receivers Mason, Mark Clayton, Demetrius Williams and Kelley Washington?

Possible pick could be San Diego’s Malcom Floyd would be an option to pick up at wide receiver this offseason. He is a restricted free agent, so the Ravens would have to give up a draft pick or two, b ut that could be worth it with Floyd’s deep throat ability to make plays happen. Baltimore, you might remember that 45-yard reception in week two when Baltimore traveled to San Diego, where they won 31-26 with an incredible play to end the game with a W by LB Ray Lewis.

Carolina Panthers Julius Peppers is also rumored to want to move somewhere else, and somewhere else could possibly be Baltimore, New England or Atlanta.

Then again, at draft pick #25, should the Ravens wait and hope to pick up a strong Rookie–they got lucky with Flacco and Ray Rice.

Tune in at 2p.m. today for more answers to questions about the Ravens in the offseason. Keep in mind, Baltimore–trust the ones behind the scenes; their moves in the offseason has gotten Baltimore to the postseason for the past few seasons.