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Brian Westbrook rumored to work out with Washington Redskins

May 11, 2010

Brian Westbrook may be re-joining former teammate Donovan McNabb and brother Byron Westbrook as a rival to his formal Philadephia Eagles.

Earlier today, there were reports that Westbrook will be joining the Redskins mini-training camp on Wednesday to practice with the team.

The ex-Eagles RB may very well fit in to the DC team as his defensive tackle and special teams brother is a dominant force there already, and his former quarterback was recently traded to the Skins as well.

Would acquiring Brian Westbrook be a good idea?

A key thing to keep in mind is remembering that Westbrook got a concussion last

Brian Westbrook is going to work out with the Redskins Wednesday May 12. Westbrook is a former Eagles Running Back. (Picture from

 season–actually while playing in Washington. That injury kept him off the field for eight games.

“I wouldn’t want to rbing him in unless he can actually take a hit and not worry about getting a concussion,” Chris Mcney, a Washington Redskins “guru” said.

Also, the Redskins are already well-stocked at running back with  Clinton Portis, who was  joined earlier this off-season by free-agent pickups Larry Johnson and Willie Parker. Do the Skins have enough room on their roster for another running back?

“It is just bad how [Westbrook]  ended it with the Eagles when he was cleared to play,” said Chris Mcney. “A family reunion won’t sell seats, winning games does with the best players.”

The RB, who rushed for twice over 1,000 yards in previous seasons and all-purpose yards in 2007 with 2,104 (including 90 catches for 771 yards) before his injury will be 31-years old when the 2010 season starts–a season he could spend playing along side his brother.

“I’m not part of that decision-making process,” Byron Westbrook said. “Obviously, he’s my brother, and it would be great to have the chance to play with him, but I’ll let him handle all of that.”


Albert Haynesworth fails to show up to Redskins mini-training camp

May 11, 2010

Right down the road–or highway–the Washington Redskins hold their own pre-season mini-camp as players prepare to practice and get ready for the upcoming season.

However, one of the most highly paid players on the team, defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth, did not show up to practice with the rest of his teammates.

What does this say about a man who is worth $100 million in contract?

Albert Haynesworth, #92, the DT for the Washington Redskins is not practicing with the rest of the Redskins during mini-training camp, causing concern among fans, teammates and coaches.

“Dear Albert Haynesworth quit staying up late going to bars and buying girls shots (like you were doing to someone I know) hoping to get lucky,” Chris Mcney, a die-hard Redskins fan, said.

Yes, that “someone” was your own ms. charm city sportaholic. On a recent trip to D.C. for Cinco de Mayo festivities, I ran into Mr. Haynesworth and it was a Patron filled night.

However, Haynesworth might still be feeling the hangover of last Wednesday as he is not practicing with his team— and fans and teammates and coaches do not know what to make of it, but do have a lot to say.

“Get your ass in training and join your team to prep for the season, they paid you all this money to be there for a reason, now quit being a wuss and report to training camp, don’t let the coaches, players, and fans down like you are doing right now,” said McNey.

His teammates are feeling the missing link as well.

“The thing is, we have 100 percent participation if he is here. It’s now 99. He’s got to be here,” veteran DE Phillip Daniels said, according to The Washington Post‘s Mike Wise.

“There is no room for negotiation at 4-12 (Washington’s record in 2009). He’s got to understand that. We need him to come here, be here and show these young guys that the veterans have bought in and that we want to win games.”

Coach Mike Shanahan said he has not heard from Haynesworth when asked about his absence or the rumors claiming that Haynesworth wants to be a Minnesota Viking.

Are those rumors true? Stay tuned for future information on Haynesworth and our neighbor football team.