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Duke remains the giant on top after defeating Butler in the national basketball championship

April 6, 2010

Duke University has always been one of the top teams in basketball, and on Monday night proved why as they snagged another national championship away from underdog Butler University.

With many people vying for the cinderella team from Indiana to rise up and push the giant off their mountain, Butler pushed hard and played with intensity.

But in the end, Duke overcame Butler 61-59.

The game, though, is what was most impressive.

This is Duke’s head coach Mike Krzyzewski’s fourth national championship. His record of winning that game now stands at 4 of 6. The last time Duke won was in 2001.

Coach K also has a 77-22 record of wins and losses in the tournament, which leaves him with the most wins in the NCAA tourney.

Coach K is also now tied for 2nd in most wins overall in the tournament with Adolph Rupp. The only other coach that is probably one of the best coaches of all time is John Wooden.

Wooden’s UCLA team won 10 national championships in 27 years. Ten in 27 years. Amazing. That is an about 37% winning streak. (more…)


Butler and Duke to battle for the March Madness championship on Monday

April 3, 2010

The Final Four games were played tonight, April 3, with Butler and Duke advancing to the championship to compete against each other on Monday to take home the trophy.

In a classic cinderella team tale, Butler is on the radar and has been since their first game against UTEP.

I know I went back and changed my original bracket and had Butler losing to UTEP that first round. You can bet I am kicking myself now.

But ever since Kansas got knocked out of the big dance by Northern Iowa, I have been pulling for Butler and they have not failed.

Under coach Brad Stevens, Butler has impressed many, including themselves.

Butler head coach Brad Stevens

They have had home city advantage (the last occurance was in 1972 with UCLA who ended up winning the whole championship) and have been compared to the Indiana Hoosiers, made famous by Hollywood in the movie about the team.

Coach Stevens is an impressive 33-year-old smart leader for the Bulldogs. Stevens came into the scene during the 2000-2001 season as a volunteer and was later promoted to full assistant coach the year later.

In the 2007-2008 basketball season, he was named the head coach and after winning 30-games that first season, became the third youngest coach in NCAA history with a 30 game winning season.

The 33-year-old will go head-to-head as he leads his team for the first time to the championship game against one of the biggest and most well-known coaches to basketball players across the country.

Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski

Coach Mike Krzyzewski of the Duke University BlueDevils has been coaching for 30-years.

He is experienced and knows how to win a basketball game, especially this big game.  It is somewhat interesting that the first year Coach K started coaching, Coach Stevens was only a 3-year old.

Coach K also has led his team to winning three NCAA championships and appearing in 11 Final Fours in those 30-years.

Who to look out for Monday night: (more…)