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Brian Cushing keeps Rookie of the Year award after a re-vote

May 12, 2010

Texans linebacker Brian Cushing will keep his Associated Presss Defensive Rookie of the Year award that he won back in January after a revote at noon today.

Cushing was accused of taking performance enhancing drugs and he tested positively for them back in September 2009.

He was suspended by the NFL for four games without pay for violating the NFL drug policy. The Houston’s opponents: Indianapolis, Washington, Dallas and Oakland.

Brian Cushing will keep his AP defensive rookie of the year award after the revote on Wednesday May 12. (photo by David Phillips, AP)

During the revote, where Cushing originally had 39 votes, received 18 out of 50 votes on Wednesday.

A hodgepodge of sports writers and broadcasters voted, but three voters were “unavailable” and two abstained from voting, including ESPN’s Chris Mortensen.

Cushing did lose his spot on the All-Pro second team, for which he originally had five votes and now has just one.

While Cushing says he never took any type of steroid, he tested positive for HCG, a fertility drug that is on the NFL’s banned substance list.

This was the same drug that led to the Dodgers’ Manny Ramirez’s suspension last year.

HCG is a hormone that helps jump-start a body’s production of testosterone and restore its virility. It is banned by sports organizations because it is often used by people who are coming off a cycle of steroid use

Bills safety Jairus Byrd received 13 votes, Green Bay linebacker Clay Matthews III had 10 and Washington’s LB Brian Orakpo had 3.

What does this mean for sports—changing the adage that cheaters never win to “cheaters win twice”?

After this re-vote, sports fans should wonder why sports like football, boxing, etc. are not looked at or punished as much as baseball players are. What are your thoughts?