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March Madness bracket challenge

March 14, 2011

It’s that time of year again, fellow sports fans.

The excitement, the drama, the tears and upsets–all leading up to the big dance. Will you be the one to pick the right teams to shoot their way to the Final Four?

Or are you still feeling the burn from last years mess of a bracket, the bracket barely anyone was able to get through without shock at the outcomes?

Here is your time for redemption.

Once again, Miss Sportaholic is offering the same challenge as last year. Beat the Sportaholic and her friends and you will get a free prize.

What is the prize? Same deal as last year. I have ideas in mind, but leave comments on what type of prize you would like if you win, and if others vote on the best idea, I will consider that and if your idea is the one that gets the most votes you might also win a prize!

Simply click on this link and fill out your bracket.

Yes, it is that easy. And leave a comment after saying what type of prize you would like to win and let the games begin!

Good luck and may the luckiest person win—which we all know in March Madness, luck and blind picks may be your best option.


**Don’t forget to check back here for updates on the tournament and the top winners each round.


Baltimore Ravens 2010 draft picks rounds 1-3

April 23, 2010

The Baltimore Ravens have made some pretty big moves so far in the 2010 draft.

While in the middle of the biggest three days for football upcoming stars—and remember we are on the clock–Ozzie Newsome has made choices that are going to have major impact in Charm City.

About 90% of Ravens fans hearts were broken last night when the Dallas Cowboys swooped in and traded up to get pick 24 to take WR Dez Bryant (personally I was glad for it and had a feeling Ozzie would trade down and build up the team with more picks).

And he did just that. With pick 25, Ozzie predictably chose to trade that to the Denver Broncos (who then chose Florida QB Tim Tebow) in exchange for picks 43, 70 and 114.

Was that a smart move?

Word of advice–trust in Ozzie. (more…)

Countdown to NFL free agency: what you need to know before midnight

March 5, 2010

A lot has happened this week and is about to happen in the coming week in the NFL.

For those who haven’t had time to keep up, I’m here to fill you in with some quick updates on some news from the week with your favorite teams and players that you will need to know.

On Tuesday, Colts QB Peyton Manning underwent neck surgery in Chicago. Don’t worry fans of Manning, it wasn’t a major surgery, and was performed to fix a pinched nerve; perhaps too much strain looking at Drew Brees holding up that Superbowl trophy?

But most importantly: this has been tender week for teams to make offers to current players prior to the deadline at midnight tonight.

What does this mean in an uncapped year? A team will show just how much a player is worth to them.

A tender is offered to a free agent, or a player whose contract with their current team has expired.

After this tender offer, if another team signs that player, then that new team will have to give up whatever the players tender offer was, which is draft picks; for example Brandon Marshall of the Broncos has a tender offer of a first and third round so if another team signed him, they would have to give them their first and third round draft picks.

-Click here to read more on some of YOUR teams who made tender offers to players>