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What you need to know about Camden Yards

April 13, 2010

The Baltimore Orioles may be a team that is breaking hearts across the city, but that warehouse and stadium are a fixture in fans hearts everywhere.

The O’s are now at a 1-6 start when they lost to the Tampa Bay Rays again last night 5-1.

But what is most disheartening about this losing record before May is the lack of attendence at the Yard.

Last night, about 9,000 people were there.

Nine thousand. It looked like fans went dressed as green seats.

There are still many great fans out there.

Many of them think that pitchers Mike Gonzalez and Kevin Millwood could become expendable if the O’s don’t start winning games. But tune in tonight for the second game against the Rays and hope they can turn it around.

Or better yet, why don’t you go to the game? First step: Eutaw Street.

Let’s go O’s! Again, check for future blog posts on other hot spots inside the stadium, and the best places to party before and after the game.

Remember; the O’s have 154 games to go. There is still time to turn it all around.


Orioles lose to Blue Jays during opening weekend at Camden Yards

April 12, 2010

The Baltimore Orioles were swept by the Toronto Blue Jays April 9, 10 and 11 2010 during their opening weekend at home at Camden Yards.

Did this come as a surprise to fans?

Many hoped for better, especially when the Friday, April 9 game was the second time the Orioles closing pitcher Mike Gonzalez failed to close the game in the 9th inning–leaving many disgruntled fans.

But the O’s are now 1-5 for the season.

Opening day at Camden Yards 2010

They are 1-5 in their division—and have yet to face big teams like the Boston Red Sox or New York Yankees.

The first game of the year against the Tampa Bay Rays ended the same way as Friday’s.

The O’s were ahead going into the 9th inning only to lose to their opponents.  Their record with the Rays is 1-2.