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Ravens with “hard knock” win over Jets

September 14, 2010

The Baltimore Ravens traveled up to the New Meadowlands Stadium to take on the Jets for the first Monday night football game and just barely walked away with a 10-9 win in a tough, uphill battle of a game full of penalties, but for once not against Baltimore.

In a game that pinned up one of the NFLs best defense in the Jets against a new NFL threat in the Ravens offense, this game was sure to be a “hard knock” one.

Jets defense proved that early on with a sack by Shaun Ellis on QB Joe Flacco, where Flacco lost the ball on the Ravens own 11-yard line. The well-known mighty Baltimore defense would hold back Jets QB Mark Sanchez and would only result in a 28-yard FG by Nick Folk.

But the Ravens, despite a  thinning defense, upheld against a Jets mediocre offense.

And Monday nights game came down to the Jets D and the Ravens new offense–and in the end it was number 81 in purple who helped bring home the win for Baltimore against a spotty Jets defense.

Anquan Boldin (81) made a major difference in Mondays game for the Ravens. Boldin had seven catches for 110 yards (21 in the first half, 89 in the second) and was a big part of converting third downs to firsts. Baltimore was 11 for 19 on 3rd down conversion, and Boldin was part of three of them as he always seemed one step ahead of the Jets Kyle Wilson.

Baltimore also doubled the Jets in time of possession, controlling the ball with an 38:32 to 21:28 advantage  despite being out-rushed 116 yards to 49.



“Quarter’ for your thoughts–battle of the QBs

January 25, 2010

Super Bowl XLIV teams are set. Last night, two teams overcame their conference championship to advance to one of the biggest games in the world. Come February 7th, the Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints will contend for that prized ring, trophy and glory.

What does this game mean for both teams? For the Colts, this is the 4th Super Bowl appearance in their franchise history (dagger to the heart of older Baltimore fans–two of those were as the Baltimore Colts–Super Bowl III and V, and where they won Super Bowl V). They have the MVP of the NFL, Peyton Manning, leading their team…who ironically is the son of Archie Manning, who was the starting QB of the New Orleans Saints for ten years in 1971-1981.

For the New Orleans Saints, this road to the big game was emotional one. This is the first time the Saints have made it this far in their history as a team…and after the devastating Hurricane Katrina destroyed most of the city and left it full of holes and under water…this city has been on most American’s minds and this was a huge win in the NFC championship game for the Saints for the first time for their city. Forget Mardi Gras…Bourbon Street was more alive last night then ever before.

Both championship games concentrated on each teams QB’s…Brett Favre for the Vikings, Mark Sanchez for the Jets, Peyton Manning for the Colts and Drew Brees for the Saints. Battle of the quarterbacks this time around showed what each was made of, and what they could produce with their offense to add points to the board. Manning is the MVP this season, and in my opinion one of the best QBs in the NFL and will be up there with Dan Marino, Joe Montana and John Elway. Can he get another ring to add to his career?

Brett Favre has been an iconic figure for many years in recent history for football fans. From 1992-2007, he was a Green Bay Packer before his first ‘attempt’ to retire, which was a hit and a miss. He came out of retirement, but the Packers decided to keep Aaron Rogers as their QB instead of snatching Favre back up. He then played for the Jets last season, retired– JUST KIDDING again! This past season, he joined and led the Minnesota Vikings to the championship game along with Jared Allen, Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor. Repeat of history happened last night against the Saints: Favre’s last championship game (against the New York Giants in the NFC championship game 2007 season) with the Packers–he threw an interception as the Packers fell to New York. But as great a man and leader and athlete as Favre is, so many people are Favre’d out. Enough is enough…or is it? Should he and will he retire now that this season is over…and stay in retirement after this season?

Drew Brees went through rough personal losses as he lost his mother in the middle of the season. Despite that, he led this team that was once known as one of the worst teams in the NFL to get to that almost impossible odds of making it to the Super Bowl. Can he do it? The once comeback player of the year and offensive player of the year is a strong leader and you can tell he still loves the game…if he plays like the way he has always played, he will be giving Manning a run for his money come Super Bowl Sunday.

Saints or Colts? Right now, there is a 52 over/under for the Colts to win, with 5 1/2 point spread win over the Saints. Will that hold up February 7th? What are your predictions?